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Our app and web-based software for publishing of online documents are trusted by thousands of clients across the globe, with constant development since 2007.


Amazing Feature-Rich Publishing

Simply and rapidly publish high quality digital magazines, interactive retail catalogues or the full spectrum of business documentation to both web and apps.

YUDU's award winning digital publishing platform, YUDU Publisher, also gives you all the advanced tools you need to control distribution, gather GDPR-compliant data, review engagement statistics and ensure your audience has the very best interactive reading and watching experience for small and large screens

YUDU Publisher on Multiple Devices
Yudu apps

Apps for iOS, Android and Windows

With over 1,000 hybrid and native apps built by YUDU, we are your experienced partner to deliver reliable enterprise apps, gated or open access apps for the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows stores.

Our customisable app framework allows the creation of brilliantly engaging apps that are unique to you and your needs. The apps are configured from a very extensive list of features and functions that YUDU has developed to serve thousands of clients.

The solutions deliver your content and communications to your end-users quickly, with full offline access when needed, full statistics on engagement, authentication for easy access control (or use your own authentication), and modular integration with other sites and customised areas for your company, all in one package.

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Optimised Delivery to all Modern Devices

The YUDU digital publishing platform converts files to provide the optimum reading experience for whatever mobile or desktop device is being used. Files are uploaded, enhanced, distributed and published to the web or native apps. Digital content can be text, graphics, video, audio and HTML5 for consumption anywhere in the world.

Content can be fixed layout or responsive, re-flowable HTML, ready for mobiles or desktops, online or offline. Device sensing automatically delivers the optimal format for the user’s device. A print-replica mode is available for PDF publishing that is ideal for laptops & desktops for richer, glossier design and higher quality.

Yudu publisher device optimisation

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