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Attract students with an interactive Digital Prospectus

Transform your PDF or print prospectus into a mobile-friendly digital version. Increase reach and engagement, deliver accessibility, and drive course applications and open day sign-ups.

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Why YUDU Publisher for your Digital Prospectus?

The new generation of prospective students are digital natives. You need to meet them in this space if you wish to stay relevant and continue capturing their interest. Creating an interactive and mobile-friendly digital prospectus will be critical your student recruitment marketing efforts.

Increase Reach

Increase Reach

A digital prospectus unlocks new marketing channels including search engines, email, and social media.

While giving interested students access from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device.

Drive Applications

Drive Applications

Add interactive elements including video and virtual campus tours to drive new levels of engagement.

Embed a lead capture form to drive student applications & open day sign-ups direct from your prospectus.

Deliver Accessibility

Deliver Accessibility

Compatibility with screen readers and adjustable font size deliver increased access to your prospectus.

Helping you meet accessibility standards including ADA and WCAG, required by Government.

Track Performance

Track Performance

Integration with Google Analytics lets you track key performance and engagement metrics.

Access the data you need to improve your marketing campaigns and drive student recruitment.

Get Inspired

Click on the tablets below and explore how YUDU Publisher can bring your digital prospectus to life to engage and attract prospective students.

Digital Prospectus Example - Queens University of Charlotte
Digital Viewbook Example - University of Buffalo
Digital Magazine Example - Palmer College of Chiropractic

Cutting-edge features to capture attention, engage, and drive conversion

YUDU Publisher empowers you with tools to transform your print or PDF prospectus into a cutting-edge digital publication. Create a digital prospectus to capture student attention, engage them in new ways, and drive them to apply or register for open day events.

Take your student recruitment marketing efforts to the next level with a digital prospectus that includes:

YUDU Publisher Feature - Accessibility


YUDU Publisher Feature - Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture

YUDU Publisher Feature - Device Responsive Design

Device Responsive Design

Deliver content accessibility and meet government standards, thanks to features like screen reader compatibility and easily adjustable text size.

Drive course applications and open day registrations direct from your digital prospectus with a built-in lead capture form.

Reach applicants on any device and deliver content optimised for any screen size thanks to device responsive design features.

YUDU Publisher Feature - Content Hyperlinking


YUDU Publisher Feature - Add Video & Interactive Content

Add Video & Interactive Content

YUDU Publisher Feature - Google Analytics Intergration

Google Analytics Intergration

Allow prospective students to easily navigate your digital prospectus, or direct them to your website for more details with content hyperlinking.

Bring the University experience to life by embedding video and virtual campus tours to engage students and capture their interest.

Extend the power of Google Analytics to your digital prospectus and measure countless performance metrics to improve marketing.

Benefits of a Digital Prospectus with YUDU Publisher

Reach more prospective students

  • Your digital prospectus is accessible on any device through a web browser
  • Going digital opens new marketing channels - search engines, social media, email, and more
  • Students can download your prospectus for offline access anytime, anywhere
  • Re-invest print and distribution cost savings into marketing for increased reach

Capture the attention of Generation Z

  • Generation Z are the first true digital natives, to attract their attention and stay relevant you have to meet them in the digital space they call home
  • Deliver a meaningful and immersive online experience Gen Z can relate to
  • Meet their expectations with content that is accessible, visual and engaging

Increase engagement with interactive content

  • Include video assets to bring the course and campus to life
  • Embed interactive elements like animations and virtual campus tours
  • Use content hyperlinks to provide users with more information
  • Create light boxes to add information and focus attention

Improve user experience

  • Deliver rapid access to your digital prospectus with content display networks
  • Your content will look great on any screen with device responsive design
  • Improve content consumption with quick and simple navigation through hyperlinking
  • Give users the flexibility to consume content in their own way

Drive student applications & open day sign-ups

  • Built-in lead capture forms give you the power to drive applications direct from your digital prospectus
  • Content highlighting gives you the power to focus the readers attention on call to action elements to improve click through and conversion rates
  • Include content hyperlinks to direct prospective students to your main website where they can complete their sign-up process

Meet government accessibility guidelines

  • YUDU Publisher offers integration with mainstream screen readers
  • Our platform lets users easily adjust text size
  • Offer plain-text versions of your prospectus with our PhoneView product
  • Get expert guidance helping you to meet WCAG & ADA accessibility requirements

Save on print and distribution costs

  • Digital content distribution costs far less than print distribution
  • Send your prospectus to overseas students free from expensive shipping costs
  • No more spending $1000s on printing costs
  • Digital content is free from any reprint costs due to errors

Measure and improve marketing performance

  • Extend the power of Google Analytics tracking to your digital prospectus with direct platform integration
  • Built-in analytics lets you track marketing metrics including source, medium, device type, and more
  • Gain critical insight into performance and engagement metrics that print publishing simply can't provide
  • Use analytics data insight to improve your marketing

Publishing Options for your Digital Prospectus

You have three options when converting your PDF or print publication into a digital prospectus and publishing it on our platform.

YUDU Publishing Service - Self Serve


  • This publishing option is free
  • You are responsible for converting your original PDF/print prospectus for upload
  • You navigate the platform and add your own interactive elements
  • It's all on you to proof the content
  • It's down to you to publish the content

YUDU Publishing Service - Bureau

Bureau Service

  • This is a paid service
  • We share our expertise on using the full features of the YUDU Publisher platform
  • We support in converting your original prospectus
  • Two sets of eyes for proofing
  • You have the final say on publishing

YUDU Publishing Service - 5 Star

5 Star Service

  • This is a premium paid service
  • We handle the conversion of your original prospectus.
  • We add interactive elements to your prospectus to drive engagement
  • We optimise your prospectus content for accessibility standards
  • We proof the content and fix errors

Clients using YUDU Publisher for student recruitment and engagement content

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