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From subscription-management and HTML5 interactivity to multicasting, YUDU platforms deliver cutting-edge content-delivery and communication functionality

Publisher Features


SmartCat catalog software allows catalog publishers to augment print and PDF catalogs with interactive functions for online retailing.

So what are the features included under the “SmartCat” umbrella?


A full-range of analytics options to ensure that you've always got accurate data no matter the platform you're using

Our internal analytics package

YUDU Publisher, our content-delivery platform, can provide all users with an extremely granular level of analytical detail on who is accessing both their app and browser-based content.

The type of data can range from average-level dwell times per-page to macro-level like unique visitors. Making it a particularly valuable tool for magazine publishers looking to leverage dependable data when selling advertizing space.

Other analytics package integrations

The YUDU Publisher platform also provides functionality to integrate with other widely used platforms - reducing the disruption to internal workflows, these are chiefly:


Our overlay tools give you the ability to upload high-definition video and audio content and embed them within a document.

Alternatively our production team can create video and audio libraries within the app, segregating them the documents entirely.


We support a range of API integrations, particularly in the magazine and training space, and our internal development team can build alternative integrations.

Over the years we have built up an impressive list of supported APIs, primarily fulfilment houses as well as Scorm and Experience, the two most widely used Learning Management System APIs.


The User-Tracking System (UTS) module allows you to select and monitor particular kinds of activity within your application.

Assets, hidden or visible are created for particular aspects of behavior you want to monitor. This data is then fed back to a YUDU data collection platform. You can use the UTS to do a wide variety of things, for example, to trigger a prompt at the end of a document that asks the reader whether they have finished reading it. If the user is using login credentials, this means the data is reflected against those particular credentials within the back-end.


The HTML5 Embedding module empowers you to create interactive/animated HTML5 assets and embed them within your publications using YUDU Publisher's overlay editing tools.

The scalability of HTML5 means you can create everything from animations to interactive games and embed them seamlessly within the publications you have uploaded to your app.


YUDU technology allows readers to create notes, highlights and other forms of on-page interactivity using the toolbar.

Our User Note Synchronization module makes sure these notes and highlights are synchronized to the cloud, provided the user is logged to the app before making them, so he can return to notes he made with a tablet on his smartphone. This is especially useful for publishers of textbooks and training providers.


The Subscription Management Module is a powerful permissions management system that allows you to create hierarchical, time-based access rules to publications.

This means you can monetize and sell the content you have published to the app in whatever way you see fit, with a variety of subscription models if you're a magazine publisher, or a variety of bundles if you're a book publisher. The system also allows companies using our corporate apps to gate off access of particular kinds of content to particular user groups, corresponding to say, department or seniority.

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