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Digital Textbook App & Education Publishing Software

An all-in-one platform to publish, enhance and deliver access to your digital textbooks and eBooks. Packed full of the functionality teachers and students expect from a market-leading education textbook publisher.

Why YUDU Publisher for Digital Textbooks?

Our platform offers you a simple, fast, and affordable way to publish and deliver digital textbooks and eBooks. With all the functionality teachers and students want from a cutting-edge platform.

Demand for digital textbooks has never been higher. For the first time, digital textbooks became the primary delivery model as physical books were locked away in the pandemic. This watershed moment allowed teachers, students and parents to understand the value and need for digital textbooks.


Fast & Simple Publishing

Simply upload your print-ready textbook PDF. Our platform converts it to a replica digital publication in seconds, ready to enhance with video, deep links & interactive content using the Publisher tools.


Packed Full of Features

Give students & teachers textbooks enhanced with interactive content. Provide app & web browser access on any device, the ability to annotate, add notes and have them sync across devics.


Complete Access Control

Gain complete control and visibility of who can access your digital textbooks with state-of-art digital rights management. Combined with GDPR-compliant data handling for piece of mind.


Always Available Content

Your digital textbooks are always available to teachers & students. Hosted on our high-speed cloud-based & disaster resilient platform. All protected by advanced cybersecurity tools and processes.

Trusted by leading Education Publishers


A Market-Leading Solution to Deliver Digital Textbooks & eBooks


Easily Publish Your Digital Textbooks in Minutes

Convert your textbook from a print-ready PDF to a digital publication in minutes. Instantly publish to your self-contained digital textbook library for immediate access by teachers and students.


Enhance Your Digital Textbooks with Multimedia

Our simple-to-use overlay editor lets you enhance digital textbooks for a richer teacher and student experience. Embed videos, audio, quizzes, and more to drive interaction and increase engagement.


Easily Publish Your Digital Textbooks in Minutes

Students and teachers can access your digital textbooks at home or in the classroom through any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. With options for online and offline access through web browser and a mobile application.


Control Access to Your Digital Textbooks and eBooks

Control access to premium content with built-in digital rights management (DRM). Ensure only authorised indviduals can access your eBooks. While also protecting your intellecutal property from theft.


Allow User Generated Content Within Your Texbooks

Students can interact with content, adding notes, bookmarks, and text highlighting to improve learning. User-generated content is saved and synced across multiple devices for access both at home and in the classroom.


Powerful Marketing Tools To Promote Your Entire Textbook Library

Built-in marketing tools help you promote your complete product portfolio. Mobile push notifications to create awareness, free trials to showcase your content, and more. All designed to drive digital textbook sales. 

Become a Digital Textbook Provider in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Sign Up with YUDU Publisher

We'll guide you through a quick and simple sign up process. Giving you access to your digital textbook publishing account in minutes.

Step 2

Upload your Textbook PDFs

Simply upload your print-ready PDF to the YUDU platform. Which converts it to a digital textbook, ready to publish for instant access. 

Step 3

Share your Digital Texbooks

Connect with your customers, and create user logins, so they can begin accessing your portfolio of digital textbooks.