Internal Corporate Communications using an Engaging Documents App and Web Publishing Solution

Ensure your workforce has the latest training documents, manuals, compliance and procedure documents, internal magazines and collateral for your sales force with an easy to use employee engagement app.

Flexible document formats

With both print-replica and fully responsive HTML formats, your content will look amazing on every device with your employee engagement app. Print-replica mode is best on large screens like the iPad Pro, with smaller screens enjoying the responsive layouts available for mobile - no need for page turning or page flipping, just navigate editions with highly accessible article navigation.

Hundreds of features right
out of the box

In constant development since 2007, our web-based system is industry-leading, with centralised publishing to your employee engagement apps, right out of the box. We don't have complex billing models, unseen extra charges, or hassle - we're a complete service provider for your digitized documents.

YUDU announces major new accessibility features for customers’ digital publications

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Business Clients benefitting from YUDU technology

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Documents app archive searching

Archive search

Enable all users to quickly and easily search for digitized document titles or any word or phrase in the body of any document in the App, even if they have not downloaded the digitized document. Suitable for iOS users.

Digitized Document Centre on Mobile Devices

Provide staff or customers with a single, employee engagement app for all of your managed documents and internal communication. Off-email distribution ensures the user never needs to remember to file it correctly as the digitized document app has destination categories to help retrieval. Digitized documents can be updated centrally so versions are always up to date.

• Business communication documents
• Training and compliance documents
• Product brochures
• Technical manuals
• Educational materials
• Marketing collateral

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corporate communications apps

Internal Communications Apps

Automate compliance practices and publish corporate documents to all staff or selected groups to build a library of key digitized documents and videos on their mobiles.

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Sales Force Presentations and Document Management

One of the most popular and effective use of YUDU’s enterprise App solutions is the sales force presentation App. Ensure that your sales force is fully updated with the latest product knowledge and have customisable client presentations they can share with clients ready to go on their mobile devices.

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Sales efficiency
Reports accounts

Report and Accounts

Most report and accounts are in PDF form but YUDU’s technology converts the pdf into Phone View, a fluid reader designed for smartphones with advanced tables that are viewed in detail on a tap. Web editions can be embedded on sites and shared via a link and with YUDU you get statistics and data on views. Investor relations just got easier.

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