Online Publishing for HTML, PDF, Audio and Video content to Web, iOS, Windows and Android

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iOS, Android, and Web

Distribute your digital publications to the broadest audience with fully-featured apps for mobile platforms and easy access via any modern HTML browser, from anywhere in the world.

Responsive, accessible design

With both reflowable HTML 5 and fixed-layout print reproduction options available in our publishing platform, you can be guaranteed that your content will look great on every device.

Simple digital publishing

Use our digital publishing services to have your content produced for you, or use our fully-featured digital publishing platform to self publish in minutes for all types of content; documents, magazines and catalogues. Automate your publishing with both mass upload, and full Publishing API options for integration with your existing systems.

In-app purchasing

Make it easy for your readers to purchase your editions on iOS and Android with in-app purchasing.

Fully hosted

Your content will be hosted via leading content delivery networks to ensure that it's available quickly, anywhere in the world. Full white label content publishing is also available, with hosting taken care of, but under your own URL.

Full statistics

View your reader's engagement with our built-in statistics package, or connect your Google Analytics account to have all of your statistics in a central location.

Market-Leading Digital Publishing Platform and Apps

With a digital publishing system that's straight-forward and easy, YUDU provides you with the tools to deliver the best version of your publications to the widest audience, fully mobile-ready, with full statistics on their use, and advanced integration options with statistics services like Google Analytics, ready to go.


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