Status of YUDU Services

This status page shows the current known status of each of our services, with further explanations in case of any issues.

An important statement from YUDU regarding a critical issue with Android apps (iOS Apps are unaffected).

The critical issue with Android apps freezing during initialisation is now resolved. Your app will need an update to receive the fix. Our operations department is working on scheduling this for all Android apps as soon as possible to work around Google's bug. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager who will be happy to help.

Like many apps, the YUDU apps use Chrome (or rather, Chrome's internal engine Chromium) to display some of its content. To do that, it creates a display area provided by Chromium.

A bug introduced in v85 of Chromium causes this to behave incorrectly, and appears to involve out of memory errors. These don't prevent Chromium from setting up the display area correctly, but they _do_ prevent it from signalling that it's done so. This meant that our app stopped during initialisation, waiting for Chromium to signal that the display area was ready to use.

We've resolved this by adding a workaround where the app monitors the state of the display area in a different way. As a result, although the Chromium bug still exists, it no longer prevents the app from initialising.

Thank you for all your patience while we resolved this complex problem!

The YUDU Team

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