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Our digital catalog software provides flexibility for retailers to quickly turn their PDF print catalog into an interactive, digital version that drives traffic to your website and generates more sales.


interactive catalog software

A multi-channel solution for a multi-channel age

Searching for information on smartphones has become an integral part of the purchasing process and a multi-channel, mobile-commerce approach from retailers has become a necessity.

SmartCat: e-Commerce functionality built specifically for catalog publishers

SmartCat describes a suite of features built specifically for catalog publishers that turns a static catalog into an interactive sales and marketing tool which can then be distributed to existing and potential customers. 

  • Product pop-ups/rollovers: Detailing further product information and directly linked buttons create a highly interactive, revenue channel for your products - distributable via a single link, readable across all browsers and devices.
  • Auto-SKU hyperlinking: Use a CSV file to automatically link product SKUs within the catalog to their associated page on your e-commerce site.
  • In-catalog shopping-cart: Give your shoppers the choice to add items to an in-catalog shopping basket which can auto-populate your site's shopping cart for a seamless one-click transaction. 
  • Product wishlists: Allow app-based users to create their own product wishlists and bookmark these for future purchases.
  • Enable variable price information for distributors. 

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With a YUDU digital catalog, you can

  • Slick delivery to all devices: Give customers access to your catalog on mobile devices and desktops.
  • Live catalog with automatic linking: Instant updates give shoppers the latest products and pricing.
  • Unlimited distribution with no postage fees: Reduce costs and further your reach with a digital offering.
  • Superior brand experience with easy to find information with compelling visuals to create more brand advocates.
  • Enable users to search for items via keywords or item numbers for easy access.
  • Capture analytics and gather vital metrics as to how your catalog is performing as a sales and marketing tool. 

Some of our catalog clients

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Two delivery methods: App & Web Browser

YUDU’s digital catalog solution works across all devices, with two delivery methods, a native app on iOS, Android and Windows – or alternatively, through using our HTML5 PageTiler browser solution.

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