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Digital Catalog Examples

Discover online catalog examples designed to increase sales with improved reach, enhanced engagement, and performance tracking. Explore them in depth and experience first hand the functionality of the YUDU Publisher platform.



Founded over 75 years ago, Marshalls' heritage and ultimate expertise is in supplying vegetable seeds & plants including seed potatoes, onion sets, fruit plants & trees, to grow-your-own gardeners.

They release a seasonal publication known as the 'Little book of seeds'. The 200-page digital catalog showcases their full product range, including over 450 vegetable seeds, 300 flower seeds, and a range of gardening accessories.

Marshalls digital interactive catalog features include:

  • Content hyperlinking to connect catalog products direct to their e-commerce website equivalent
  • Interactive navigation so readers can quickly and easily move between product categories
  • SKU hyperlinking to direct customers to the e-commerce site
  • Animated page transitions to mimic the traditional print experience
  • A publication archive where customers can browse the Marshalls back catalog

Nevilles - GenWare

Since 1965, Nevilles have provided tableware and light catering equipment to the hospitality industry. A family-owned business, Nevilles places great value in developing strong relationships with customers.

Showcasing their GenWare product range, Nevilles produces a 650-page interactive digital catalog featuring more than 1000 items.

Nevilles digital catalog features include:

  • Built-in order forms to make purchases direct from the catalog
  • A mobile app version complete with
    • push notifications to engage readers
    • downloadable catalogs for offline access
  • Product video embeds direct from YouTube
  • Interactive navigation so readers can quickly and easily move between product categories
  • Social sharing functionality to send the catalog via email


For over 40 years, pc/nametag has helped companies connect with their customers, staff, and partners through brandable products and customisable services.

Their 100-page b2b online catalog showcases their complete product range including event badges, name tags, lanyards, office supplies, signs, and more.

pc/nametag digital catalog features include:

  • SKU hyperlinking of products to direct customers to their e-commerce website equivalent
  • Content overlays to hyperlink to the pc/nametag website
  • Interactive navigation so readers can quickly and easily move between product categories
  • A one-page user guide for using virtual catalog tools
  • A publication archive so customers can browse past pc/nametag catalogs

Sound Productions

Sound Productions is a leading US retailer and distributor of professional audio, video and lighting products. Known for deep industry expertise, curated stock, fast shipping and a high level of customer support.

They curate an annual catalog to market their extensive range of professional sound equipment, encompassing more than 500 products.

Sound Productions interactive online catalog publication includes:

  • Product hyperlinking to direct customers to the e-commerce website to complete sales
  • Automated SKU hyperlinking to connect catalog products to the e-commerce site
  • Click-to-navigate menus, allowing readers to move seamlessly through the catalog
  • Bookmarking and digital notes for user personalisation
  • A publication archive showcasing past Sound Production catalogs

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