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Preparing for Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier each year. The cost of living crisis is putting pressure on your sales and marketing teams to squeeze the most out of any products and tools available to them to increase the bottom line. One tool to really help drive sales are digital catalogues.

The cost of creating a catalogue can be eye wateringly expensive once you include product photography, design, print, postage. We see too many brands reducing their return on investment by not doing the simple things well. To ensure you don't fall into this trap, here are 5 things you can do now with your online Xmas catalogue so your strategy in on point and you can drive sales when the time comes:

SKU linking to drive sales

Before you run for the hills, YUDU Publisher picks up all your SKU codes automatically. Linking them to your e-commerce site, or, allowing customers to add the products to a shopping basket. All we need is a CSV file of your products, SKU codes, and product URL.

Embed fonts for improved search

By embedding fonts in your catalogue PDF upload to YUDU Publisher, you will unlock the power of search for your customers. Helping them find what they're looking for faster, with less effort. They simply type what they want and the results are presented without leaving the catalogue.

Internal catalogue links for easy navigation

We have seen brands publish a 1500-page digital catalogue and not even have an interactive table of contents - to help customers get to page 950 (for bulk-buy deals on dog biscuits). We have a range of tools to help brands easily link their contents page. No one is going to click through 950 pages for dog biscuits. Unless you’re a dog. ARE YOU A DOG?

Improve engagement with interactive videos

Research shows the inclusion of video content can significantly increase engagement and conversion. If you've invested in creating product videos, leverage your assets to help you drive customer engagement and the promise of a purchase.

Give your Sales team the latest promotional materials all the time

Stop Derek from using the same sales catalogue you released in 1987, after all, you no longer accept product order forms via fax. Control all your sales materials centrally, so the team always has the most up to date content on their device. YUDU digital catalogue apps work offline, so you know they always have what they need to hand.

We hope you found this useful, please get in touch with the team to see how we can help you get started.

Edward Jones
Post by Edward Jones
August 21, 2023
A digital marketing expert with 10+ years experience across the full range of disciplines. Edward has an extensive history as a writer, with more than 300+ published articles across the technology and digital publishing sectors.