SmartCat - Features

Digital Catalog Publishing Features

SmartCat allows ecommerce catalog publishers to augment print and PDF catalogs with interactive functions for online retailing.

Automatic SKU hyperlinking

Allows catalog publishers, through a CSV file containing SKU numbers and associated URLs, to automatically link up every product SKU within the catalog to the associated page of that product on their e-commerce site or trigger product details in a pop up window, with proven statistics of improved conversion and basket size

Product overlay pop-ups

Product overlays allow you to display more information about a product through a tooltip-like pop-up that the customer can trigger through a button or mouse-over. Product descriptions, stock information and similar information can be displayed through these pop-ups, giving you extra real-estate to describe your products, show whether products are in stock and much more. 

Enhanced interactivity

Using our HTML5 interactivity module, you can create elaborate interactivity functionality to offer customers a more in-depth look at your products. This can range from color-swatches to 360 degree views. If you do not possess this knowledge, our creative services team has extensive experience creating such assets and can provide this service. 

In-catalog shopping cart

The in-catalog shopping cart allows the customer to add products to the cart directly from the online catalog, making the experience quicker and easier. Order taking for B2B trade customers is made simple with an optional email ordering feature. Note that this particular feature is exclusive to our PageTiler platform.

Fully hosted

Your content will be hosted via leading content delivery networks to ensure that your content is available quickly, anywhere in the world. If you'd like to host your own content, no problem!

Statistics and Intelligence

View your reader's engagement with our built-in statistics package, or connect your Google Analytics account to have all of your statistics in a central location - easy!
Catalogue features


Give your users tools to share content, driving new sales across your titles, using Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Offline access

Use our Apps both online and offline with full reading experiences. Statistics and authentication will catch up the next time the reader is online, automatically.