YUDU Publisher Features and Benefits

Discover how you can create Digital Catalogs to engage customers, drive sales and cut distribution costs.


Digitise your Catalog

Easily convert your PDFs to slick HTML.

  • Create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience for customers.
  • No limits to accessibility, reachability or views even for large-scale catalogues.
  • No downloads required to help circulation.
  • Activate URL redirection to lead customers to web pages, email addresses or contents pages.

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PDF to HTML Feature
Link SKU Codes to E-Commerce Site Feature

SKU Linking to E-commerce

Smartcat is YUDU Publisher's proprietory software that lets you:

  • Easily link product SKU codes directly to your website.
  • Direct customers to digital basket order forms.
  • Statistically proven to dramatically improve sales, conversion rates and basket size.

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Catalog Apps

Seemlessly convert your catalog into an app.

  • Design a fully branded catalog app available on iOS, Google and Windows stores.
  • Create a shop-window on your customer's device so they only access the latest catalog without risk of reading outdated product information.
  • Allow customers to browse when offline, increasing your catalog circulation.
  • Bring customers back with push notifications of your latest offers and new product releases.
  • Create forms to drive subscriptions or sales.
  • Use the app as a micro-site to point customers to your blogs or website.
  • Pull in RSS feeds from other social media sources and websites.

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Catalog App Feature
White Label Feature


Fully customise your digital catalog.

  • Design your catalog to match the look and feel of your existing brand.
  • Custom tools optimise awareness and ensure brand recognition.
  • Create amazing catalogs that eclipse the competition.

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White Label Feature

Stats and Analytics

All your user stats at your fingertips.

  • View your reader's engagement with our built-in stats package.
  • Discover how your readers are engaging with your products.
  • Find out which are your most popular pages and links.
  • See what devices people are using when viewing your catalogue.
  • With reliable stats you can fine-tune your offering.

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Host videos to showcase your new or best-selling products.

  • Video can bring your customer’s online shopping experience to life.
  • Host or stream through your explainer videos to demonstrate how your products work.
  • Combine different content types, such as company overviews or 3D product views.
  • Our expert support team are on hand to help with any technical requirements.

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Product Video Feature

White Label Feature

Enhanced Interactivity

Engage Customers with Interactive Elements.

  • Embellish your online catalog with captivating animation, 360-degree product views, colour-swatches and interactive logos for increased engagement.
  • Pop-up feature displays product information or order forms thanks to responsive HTML.
  • Order forms can link to your site’s shopping cart for final transactions.
  • Users can share and bookmark their favourite pages via email and social handles or make their own annotations.
  • Easily update catalogs to ensure customers are viewing the latest version.

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Responsive Design

Ensure your catalog is responsive to all devices.

  • Your catalog will look exceptional across mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Hosting your catalog with Amazon web services will ensure it’s held on a robust server and will perform at quick speed.
  • Technology indexing all text will mean it’s recognised when published and hosted on AWS and will increase your chances of higher SEO ranking and accurate keyword searches.

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Responsive Design Feature


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PDF to HTML Icon

Digitise your PDF

Easily convert your PDFs to slick HTML

Link SKU Codes to E-Commerce Site Icon

SKU linking to E-commerce

Link product codes directly to your website

Catalog App Icon

Catalog Apps

Seemlessly convert your catalog into an app

White Label Icon


Customise your digital catalog

Advanced Search Icon

Advanced Search

Help customers find what they want

Analytics Icon

Stats and Analytics

All your user stats at your fingertips

Product Video Icon

Product Videos

Use videos to showcase your products

Enhanced Interactivity Icon

Enhanced Interactivity

Engage customers with interactive elements

Responsive Design Icon

Responsive Design

Deliver a consistent design across all devices

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