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Helping creative agencies with their digital publishing is our bread and butter here at YUDU, and what we did with FARM is a perfect example

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"Through its interactivity, the brochure can act as a lead generation tool, not just a simple brochure."

- Alex McGibbon, Creative Director, FARM.


FARM, is a London-area based agency that builds, maintains, and supports website and applications for a range of clients.

It currently works with its client Precor, a branch of Amer Sports, a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, supplying highly reliable, premium equipment to fitness facilities, hotels and individual exercisers. Precor operates in more than 90 different countries, and offers equipment focused on ergonomic motion, proven science and superior engineering.

The challenge

FARM was tasked by Precor with creating a new kind of brochure; one that featured interactivity so prospective customers could see fitness machines in action and perform various customizations to find the very best products for their business.

“Precor produces a large volume of print and PDF format brochures to its prospects, but desired an electronic-only solution that could be accessed through multiple devices and would function as a complement to traditional content,”i> said Alex McGibbon, Creative Director at FARM.

The Precor website features a considerable amount of interactive content including product 360s, videos, and other features which could potentially be repurposed for usage in a digital brochure.

The Solution

FARM utilized the YUDU platform at the request of Precor, which had staff members that were exposed to YUDU’s success with other projects.

The creative team at FARM utilized the YUDU platform’s rendering engine for its html overlays, giving them access to the latest HTML5 and CSS technology so they could build complex graphics and the Precor animations at the needed small file sizes.

The brochure features a host of interactive features, including 360 degree views, zoom in and out functions, and various buttons which bring up additional in-brochure content.

An interesting customization feature of the brochure allows users to select colors options for the frame, shroud, and upholstery on a select piece of Precor equipment.

Since its launch, Precor has seen considerable interest in the interactive brochure with more than 13,000 total global desktop visits, nearly 6,000 unique desktop visits, and robust iOS visits with more than 9,000 visits and over 800 unique visits. Data also shows an impressive average duration of use of seven minutes and 15 seconds.

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