"We know that time is money for our customers so making things more convenient for them is vital. The catalogue is our heritage and historically our trade customers have always had one in the van, on site and at home, now they can carry it round in their pocket too."

- Chris Chapman, Senior Marketing Manager

Screen shot of the Application


Screwfix is the UK’s largest retailer of trade tool, materials and equipment. Founded in 1979, it is owned by the Kingfisher Group, who also own B&Q and are listed on the FTSE 100.

The Problem:

Screwfix’s large trade catalog, in excess of a thousand pages has been an invaluable tool for builders across the UK for decades, who use it as their main point of reference material for obtaining new supplies. Following the rapid growth in mobile and tablet devices in the late 2000s, Screwfix required a way of bringing this catalog to such devices as part of an overall strategy of making the Screwfix brand a truly multi-channel one.

Owing to the catalog’s large size, performance was a key requirement – the catalog not only had to work across all devices, but had to run fast and with as little lag as possible, so as not to frustrate the end user. Screwfix also required a company with an in-house development team that could accommodate new ideas and features in order to future-proof the app.

The App also had to have a powerful search function, to allow customers to search for very specific product names and codes, alongside a bookmark function that allowed them to save bookmarks for later use.

The Solution:

YUDU’s Catalog App, in conjunction with YUDU’s PageTiler solution for browsers provided an ideal fit for these requirements. Native Apps across iOS, Android and Windows allowed the Screwfix catalog to reach every platform and device while delivering super-fast native performance.

YUDU Publisher’s SmartCat functionality, which allowed the Screwfix team to automatically link up product SKUs with their associated page on the e-commerce website was also an enormous help in keeping the workflow involved in making the catalog interactive as simple, quick and straightforward as possible.

The search functionality within the catalog, which in addition to being quick allows a user to see the text highlighted on page, as well as the text surrounding the keyword was also invaluable, as were the various forms of user interactivity like bookmarking important pages for later referral. User experience was also aided by helpfully categorizing individual segments of the catalog into their own downloadable parts, clearly sign-posted with an intuitive app welcome screen.

The end result has been a startling success by any measure, with the app having received some 500,000 downloads on Apple’s App Store alone, or approximately 1 in every 10 regular Screwfix customers.

Total order values as well as basket sizes have also shown an increase from customers who come through the App rather than directly through the website and as a result, Screwfix have expanded their partnership with YUDU to encompass both the German and Irish editions of the Screwfix catalog, which involved introducing a merchandising tool into the front page as a further development effort.