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Case Study - Educate is an educational publisher based in Castleisland, Co. Kerry. Educate aim to give teachers the books they need to help them meet the excitement and challenge of today’s classroom.

They do this by producing books that capture students’ attention through the quality of their content, expression and design and they have leveraged YUDU’s technology - iOS, Android and Windows applications, alongside standalone Web-based digital textbooks - as part of their winning strategy.

"We've been publishing with YUDU for almost a decade now. YUDU’s digital publishing platform is a cost-effective way to deliver all of our textbooks and resources to schools and students, and is a major part of delivering our business strategy and growth.

The pandemic demonstrated the vital importance of having a robust and scalable publishing platform in place. When physical textbooks were locked away, we needed a platform to deliver digital textbooks and resources to every student and school across all devices.

YUDU has been a reliable partner throughout."

- Paula Purcell, Head of Operations at

The core benefits that YUDU’s technology deliver for Educate include:

  • A login screen to protect their content
    Category navigation buttons for users to easily find content - such as Maths, English, Primary, Secondary, etc.
  • Delivery of both student and teacher resources
  • The ability to redeem textbooks via the app portal
  • Intuitive navigation menus, allowing students to move seamlessly through the textbooks and resources
  • Bookmarking for students to quickly and easily return to their last reading point, or revisit a chapter
  • The power to add digital notes and annotations within the textbooks that sync across devices
  • Interactivity on the page, with HTML lightboxes and embedded video
  • Keyword search tools to easily find content across Educate’s complete textbook library.
Educate have been publishing with YUDU since 2012.