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The UNEP GEO-6 for Youth Report aims to educate and empower children on environmental issues – meaning you don’t have to be Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough to understand issues like sustainability and climate change.

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We are cutting down a football-pitch worth of our rainforests every two seconds. We must act fast to combat climate change. Find out how UNEP are converting to digital to distribute their GEO-6 Global Environment Outlook for Youth Report.

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"Digital publications are now more important than ever for ensuring the environmental sustainability of UNEP’s products. With COVID-19 keeping us at home, it is still important to stay informed about how our actions and lifestyles continue to affect the environment, both positively and negatively. GEO-6 for Youth is a new e-publication to guide youth on how to help in the global movement to build back better, inspire social mobilization, and ultimately, put the planet on a more environmentally sustainable course. This report offers an interactive, digital alternative to traditional print publications enhancing global accessibility, to engage young people through dynamic graphics and videos."

Head of the Global Environment Programme - Pierre Boileau

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Wake up and smell the statistics

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The UN thinks YUDU and our creative services team are a match made in technical heaven. Here’s why and how we’ve complemented each other.

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