Unislim are Ireland’s favorite weight loss club. They have over 40 years experience of helping people to lose weight. In the process they have built up a considerable library of helpful weight-loss material, including (but not limited to): magazines and e-books.

The challenge:

Unislim had three main requirements with regards to pursuing their mobile strategy for books and magazines.

The first was quite simple: Get their e-Book and magazine material into a container-app format and in the process make it available for mobile and tablet users. In particular, their popular healthy lifestyle guide for teenage girls: Miss Feelgood, making it available alongside the aforementioned magazine content.

The second was to create a dynamic home or "welcome page" within the app containing things like social feeds. Unislim has grown a large online community, with a great deal of activity taking place on their twitter and Facebook accounts. So this was a necessity. Alongside this web design work, Unislim also required the creation of custom HTML5 assets for Miss Feelgood, which meant they'd need web development work alongside the app.

Finally, they needed to provide a way for existing and new subscribers to log in via the app and gain access to content they had already paid for through Unislim’s website or elsewhere.

The solution:

YUDU were able to build branded Android and iOS apps for Unislim, into which they were able to publish Miss Feelgood, their premiere healthy lifestyle guide for teenage girls, alongside Unislim’s magazines and cookbooks.

This was complemented by making sure their existing subscribers had access to this material with existing login credentials (through YUDU Publisher’s back-end subscription management system) and providing an easy to navigate to login portal within the app.

YUDU’s creative services team built a bespoke welcome and navigation page within the app, complete with news and their Facebook and Twitter feeds, so that users of the app were always kept up to date with whatever new announcement Unislim made.

The creative services team also worked on creating bespoke, interactive HTML5 assets for Miss Feelgood. In particular, creating a helpful "diamond tip" series of assets throughout the publication, which when clicked on automatically populates a calendar at the back of the book with health tips. Helping readers keep track of how healthy you have been that month.

Sample Gallery

UniSlim Digital 1
Custom welcome page
UniSlim digital
Intuitive user interface
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Social media integration
UniSlim digital 4
Registration and login features