Sales Force Efficiency Apps

Ensure your workforce has the latest training documents, manuals, compliance and procedure documents and many other internal publications like company newsletters and magazines, either on the web or in Apps for convenient offline support for field sales.


Tailoring On-site Presentations for Clients

The sales person can tailor each presentation to suit the pitch by rearranging the order and omitting or adding pages.

Sales force tailored
Sales force presentation

Sharing Tailored Presentations

Tap on the relevant slides or pages to send to the client and share by email directly out of the App. The immediacy and relevancy of the followup raises sales conversion and can be done during the meeting or the call or in the immediate period after the presentation.

Sales Force Management App Benefits

Reduction of mis-selling

Updated presentations and documents can be pushed out to all the sales team or just regional or specialist groups. There are no out-of-date documents and they are automatically filed by category in the App. Control of sales documentation avoids miss-selling of features or pricing and ensures consistency of the messages.

New starters

New recruits become effective faster with immediate access to all the product details, presentation, training materials which can include video and knowledge testing modules. Trained and informed sales teams win business.

Cost savings

Less classroom training is required which is costly in both travel expenses and time off for selling.