Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find the most frequently asked questions we encounter, along with our file specifications for using our YUDU Publisher platform and our privacy policy. If you'd like more in-depth technical help, refer to our dedicated Help Site.

Browser-delivery FAQ

1) Is your browser-delivery technology Flash-based or HTML-based?

HTML based.

2) Can I still publish with Flash?

Yes, Some clients are still managing their content migration away from Flash and therefore Flash can still be selected as a publishing option.

3) Why have you moved from Flash?

Adobe is removing support for Flash in 2020 and some old browsers will not work with HTML5. Many browsers now block Flash so it is not recommended to publish in Flash.

4) What exact is PageTiler’s Tiling Technology?

Tiling is a technique used by YUDU’s new browser technology to deliver content to the user. Images and pages are broken up into discrete tiles rather than full images being delivered to mobiles. On the smaller phone screen the user may use the zoom function. Conventional system load a higher resolution full image but PageTiler only loads the relevant tiles which makes rendering much quicker.

5) What benefits do I get if I upgrade from YUDU Express?

YUDU Express has strict publishing limits and just the functions need to easily publish replica documents. Enhanced documents with special links, video, HTML5 special insertions, shopping carts, Archives, customisation of toolbars, Google Analytics and YUDU stats, proofing links, subscription management and, of course, full customer support.

6) When is App delivery better than Browser.

Offline reading is a big benefit of Apps and the App can act as a library of content automatically delivered to the right category for easy retrieval in the app. For users to keep apps on their devices the app content needs to be updated at regular intervals and be compelling enough for the user to access the app at least weekly. Push notification help this engagement. Apps are better for building communities and for organisation that have existing relations with their readers. Training materials and key documents that a user needs immediately to hand on a mobile are better when in an App.

Browser delivery does not require any downloads and is instant access to information. This make it better for sharing on social media and distributing to to engage new customers or readers.

7) Are there any limits to the size of the free no-obligation previews I can have and how many I can create?

No, you can preview your entire publication, regardless of the size. If you have multiple publications and would like to send us more than one so you can see the quality and benefits of a YUDU digital publication, you are more than welcome to.

8) How long can I keep my free preview publication(s)?

The preview publication will be available to you for a whole week, allowing you to discuss the digital version internally, show any external advertisers and make a decision on whether you would like it to go live.

9) Can I change my digital publication once it has gone live?

Of course. If you are simply amending an existing page then there's no additional charge. If you wish to increase the number of pages in your publication, we will only charge you for the pages you add.

10) Can I self-host my content?

If you wish to, yes, but please be aware that you are responsible for the security, page delivery speeds and up-time of your publications once deployed.

YUDU can host your publications to ensure availability you can rely on and true global reach. We employ Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that your publications can be delivered lightning fast wherever your audience is, and all our content servers use redundant architecture to avoid any single point of failure. That means your digital publications are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the globe.

11) Can I control who can view my publication?

You can offer your publications completely free, for sale, or as part of a subscription/username and password entry.

The Subscription Management System provides the ability to manage your subscriber database with ease, offering different levels of access based on individual publications or dates. Alongside this we offer a host of different fulfilment house integration options for magazine publishers.

Furthermore, our digital publications are automatically indexed via Google, which can also be switched on and off at the click of a mouse, should you need to change this.

12) How do I access the statistics of my digital publication?

Within the easy-to-use yet intuitive publishing system, simply click on View Statistics to access 36 individual statistics on how, where, when and by whom your publication has been viewed – even down to the internet browser used.

You can access your statistics in a graph or chart format, with many available as downloadable reports over variable lengths of time, ideal for judging the impact of your digital content.

13) Can I have more than one self-publishing account?

You can assign any number of user access details to your account in YUDU Publisher, from any location at any given time.

You can organise your content by project folders. Once these have been set up you just need to create log-ins for each folder, and give access to the relevant people on your team.

We fully equip you with tools to create multiple accounts for users and projects, and we provide you with a simple interface to manage and provide your content.

14) Can I receive training for the self-publishing application?

There are help videos you can use to guide you through the tools you need to create your publication found on our Help site. Alongside this we offer livechat support, your own assigned technician and more.