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Digital Publishing Solutions

Moving from Print to Digital Publishing

YUDU work with publishers, brands and organisations to deliver their digital content. Moving from print to digital is typically part of a broader content strategy to achieve set goals - increase reach, enhance engagement, deliver accessibility, cut costs.

Going digital doesn't mean dropping print or changing your workflow. It's an opportunity to expand your strategy and realise the benefits digital publishing offers. Below are five solutions to get started with digital publishing.

Print to Digital Replica

Convert your print ready PDF into a digital replica and begin delivering digital content to your audience 

Enhanced Digital Replica

Transform your static content into an interactive digital publication to drive engagement

PDF to Responsive Design

Create a responsive digital design optimised for mobile devices using your static PDF content

Print to Digital Catalogue

Convert your print catalogue into an interactive digital catalogue to drive direct online sales

Digital First Design

Design content exclusively for the digital realm for a truly unique and unrivalled user experience

Print to Digital Replica

Convert your print content into a digital edition. This is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective route to deliver digital content to your audience.

Simply upload a PDF to YUDU Publisher to create an interactive digital edition, that can be accessed on the web at any time. Each digital edition has its own unique URL that can be shared across the web, email and social media; while web links and email addresses are automatically detected and hyperlinked.

Each digital edition gathers aggregated statistics - providing you data on how your content is being viewed - page views, dwell time, and links clicked.

The process of uploading a file and creating a unique URL takes less than a minute.

Print to Enhanced Digital Replica

The YUDU Publisher platform is a powerful tool, that allows publishers, brands and organisations to easily enhance their print content with multimedia content like video, audio and animation.

Adding multimedia to your content will increase engagement from your audience, and bring your content to life. It is the quickest way to offer your readers an experience not possible with print, and does not heavily impact the workflow for your production team.

Once the PDF has been uploaded to YUDU Publisher, you have a flat plan of your publication spreads where you can easily add your multimedia content. This process is fast, so you can publish your enhanced content to the web in a couple of clicks.

PDF to Responsive Design

Trying to read a PDF on a smartphone is a great work out for the fingers, but is a frustrating reading experience. To combat this, YUDU offer a responsive format for smartphones called PhoneView.

YUDU take fixed layout PDF content and convert it into reflowable HTML that can detect what device is being used to serve the best version - fixed layout on desktops and tablets; and PhoneView for smartphones. This means that your audience get the best reading experience no matter what device they’re using at the time.

This is a semi-automated process which is undertaken by our team in-house. YUDU provide a consultation to understand how your publications will re-flow when it comes to complex layouts and adverts. Each publication takes 2-3 days to convert.

Print to Digital Catalogue

Taking your print catalogue into the digital realm can deliver incredible results by transforming it into an e-commerce experience.

Simply upload your print catalogue PDF to YUDU Publisher, and it will automatically create an interactive digital edition. Each page has its own unique URL that can be shared across the web and social media - perfect for campaigns, special offers and customer service teams.

The clever bit is called SmartCat, where YUDU Publisher seamlessly links all your product codes (SKU codes) to your e-commerce site, or to a shopping basket within the catalogue. Giving your customers the power to easily search for products, complete and send orders direct from the catalogue.

Uploading a CSV file to YUDU Publisher takes less than a minute, and you can further enhance your catalogue with product videos and additional call-to-actions to help drive sales and enquiries. You can even include stock-levels and inventory checks so customers can check availability.

Digital First Design

Creating content that only exists in the digital realm means that your creative teams have more flexibility over layouts - providing more interesting ways to get your message across, and be more engaging for the end user.

YUDU works with publishers, brands and organisations to create digital only publications harnessing all the good stuff web technologies have to offer - fully animated covers, slick navigation, hot-spot reveals, scrolling text, embedded video and more.

To speed up production workflows, YUDU can advise on building re-usable templates where content can be easily be swapped in and out, but without looking stale. Creating interactive layouts can take time, but the results of increased engagement can help deliver your goals.

To understand more about moving from print to digital, please get in touch with the team to discuss your options.