Digital Magazine Features.

With hundreds of features available, customise your app with in-app purchases, interactivity, engagement features, across all modern platforms.

Fully featured across the web, including apps for iOS, Android and Windows

iOS, Android, Windows and Web

Distribute your platform to the broadest audience with fully-featured apps for mobile platforms and easy access via any modern HTML browser, from anywhere in the world.

Responsive, accessible design

With both reflowable HTML 5 and fixed-layout print reproduction options, you can be guaranteed that your content will look great on every device.

Simple, easy publishing

Publish your online magazines and catalogues quickly and easily with Publisher, or automate upload to process many files at once.

Archive Search

Search across all of your current magazines and your historical archive using our online search service for iOS. Search by keyword, title, description or through the entire content of each magazine.

Archive search

In-app purchasing

Make it easy for your readers to purchase your editions on iOS and Android with in-app purchasing.

Fully hosted

Your content will be hosted via leading content delivery networks to ensure that your content is available quickly, anywhere in the world. If you'd like to host your own content, no problem!

Full statistics

View your readers' engagement with our built-in statistics package, or connect your Google Analytics account to have all of your statistics in a central location - easy!
Magazine feature


Support for complex subscription models, like print subscriptions, or Netflix-like rentals of all of your content.


Give your users tools to share content, driving new sales across your titles, using Facebook, Twitter, email and more.

Offline access

Use our apps both online and offline with full reading experiences. Statistics and authentication will catch up the next time the reader is online, automatically.