YUDU Publisher Features and Benefits

Discover how you can create Digital Magazines to engage readers and drive subscriptions while saving on print and distribution costs


Digitise your magazine

Easily convert your PDFs to slick HTML.

  • Create a smooth and aesthetically pleasing experience for readers.
  • Open up new marketing opportunities.
  • Responsive design displays on desktop, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Customise the look and feel of your magazine to match brand guidelines.
  • Easy to use design tools optimise brand awareness and familiarity.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensure your magazine is robust and loads at top speed, even when accessed by many readers simultaneously.
  • Digital is the eco-friendly alternative.

Publishing options to cover every eventuality:

  • Self-publish: You do the heavy lifting and save on price.
  • Bureau service: Our experts help you along the way.
  • Five-star service: Your magazine put together by our creative services team.

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PDF to HTML Feature
PhoneView Device Responsive Design Feature


Deliver device optimised design for any screen.

  • YUDU Publisher is responsive by design but PhoneView takes the smartphone experience to the next level.
  • PhoneView emphasises readability ensuring your articles are accessible to readers on the move, in a text size that suits them.
  • Device detect ensures the optimum format is automatically selected to best suit the device your customer is using.
  • Responsive content allows for designs to be retained when you make the switch to digital.

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Magazine Apps

Create a direct channel to reach your readers.

  • Your unique app is fully customised with your logo, colours and branding and is available at iOS, Google and Windows stores for maximum exposure.
  • Create a community around your publication where loyal readers can access the latest version along with your archives.
  • The app allows subscribers to browse when offline, increasing reach and accessibility.
  • Use branded push notifications to keep your customers up to speed on your latest magazines, supplements, blogs, events and other new content.
  • Use the app as a micro-site to point customers to your articles or website.
  • Pull in feeds from advertisers, social media sources and websites.
  • Create data-capture, registration or easy sign-up forms.
  • GDPR compliant.

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Magazine App Feature

Stats & Analytics

Unlock insight to reader behaviour with comprehensive analytics.

  • View your reader's engagement with our built-in stats package.
  • Discover how your readers are engaging with your articles.
  • Find out which are your most popular pages and links.
  • See what devices people are using when viewing your magazine.
  • Plug into Google Analytics for more granular feedback.
  • Collect email addresses in exchange for access to your publication.
  • With reliable stats you can fine-tune your future offering.

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White Label Feature

Interactive Multimedia Feature


Drive engagement with interactive multimedia elements.

  • Host or stream videos to complement articles or support advertisements.
  • Slide shows and image galleries display your pictures to best advantage.
  • Increase engagement where users can share and bookmark their favourite pages via email and social handles or even make their own annotations.
  • Using HTML, embellish your magazines with captivating animation and interactive logos for increased engagement.
  • Feedback forms can be linked to your site’s sign-up forms.
  • Our pop-up feature displays information or articles thanks to responsive HTML.
  • Activate URL redirection to lead customers to web pages, email addresses or content pages.
  • Our creative services team are on hand to provide technical expertise on all aspects of multimedia.

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Subscription Management

Make it easy to subscribe and manage reader access.

  • Full subscription management system to stay on top of your subscribers.
  • Set a limit on how many devices individuals can use to view your magazines, with time-stamping capabilities.
  • Use our fully featured API to sync with your subscription system for easy management.
  • Secure content and manage access.

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Subscription Management Feature
Advertising Feature

Advertising opportunities

Work with advertisers to monetise your magazine.

  • Create a new revenue stream from digital advertising.
  • Hotlink advertisements to your website.
  • Enhance advertisements with video and other engaging multimedia effects.
  • Capture analytics and share this data with your advertisers to win their trust.

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Digitise your Magazine

Easily convert your PDFs to slick HTML

PhoneView Device Responsive Design Icon


Optimise your magazine for a superb smart phone look

Magazine App Icon

Magazine Apps

Create a direct channel to reach your readers

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Advanced Search

Help speed your readers to the content they want

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Stats & Analytics

Unlock insight to reader behaviour with comprehensive analytics

Interactive Multimedia Icon


Drive engagement with interactive multimedia elements

Magazine Subscription Management Icon

Subscription Management

Make it easy to subscribe and manage reader access

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Advertising Opportunities

Work with advertisers to monetise your magazine

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