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Discover how YUDU Publisher lets you create a Digital Prospectus to improve reach, enhance engagement, and drive applications for prospective students.

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YUDU Publisher Feature - Web Browser Access

Web browser

YUDU Publisher Feature - Multi-device Access


YUDU Publisher Feature - App-based Access


Interested students can access your digital prospectus from any web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge.

Your digital prospectus can be accessed through any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device with internet connectivity.

Convert your digital prospectus into an iOS or Android app to create another point of access for prospective students.

YUDU Publisher Feature - Content Delivery Networks

Content Delivery Networks

We use content display networks to deliver rapid access to your digital prospectus, even during traffic spikes or targetted DDoS attacks.


YUDU Publisher Feature - Plain Text Version

Plain Text

YUDU Publisher Feature - Screen Reader Compatibility

Screen Reader Compatibility

YUDU Publisher Feature - Dynamically Change Text Size

Dynamically Change Text Size

YUDU Publisher can automatically extract a plain text version of your prospectus, which you can edit to be AAA WCAG 1.0 accessible.

Deliver compatibility for your digital prospectus with mainstream screen readers and offer accessibility to those with visual impairments.

PhoneView allows students to easily adjust font size, delivering accessibility to your prospectus for those with visual impairments.

YUDU Publisher Feature - Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Deliver ease of navigation to students with visual & motor impairments with simple keyboard shortcuts to navigate your digital prospectus.


YUDU Publisher Feature - Built-in Analytics


YUDU Publisher Feature - Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration

Track and measure the performance of your digital prospectus with built-in advertising. With reports designed to deliver vital insight.

Extend the power of Google Analytics to your digital prospectus to measure countless performance metrics to improve your marketing.


YUDU Publisher Feature - Fully Brand Your Publication

Fully Brand Your Publication

YUDU Publisher Feature - Custom Domain Hosting

Custom Domain Hosting

YUDU Publisher Feature - Advert Free By Default

Advert Free By

Fully customise your digital prospectus to leverage the trust of your brand by matching the look and feel of existing publications.

Host your digital prospectus on any domain or subdomain of your choosing while still delivering the full functionality of our platform.

YUDU Publisher is an advert-free platform by default. Advertising will only ever appear in your content if you design and include it yourself.


YUDU Publisher Feature - Fixed-Layout Print Reproducation

Fixed-Layout Print Reproducation

YUDU Publisher Feature - Reflowable HTML 5


YUDU Publisher Feature - Mobile-First Design with PhoneView

Mobile-First Design with PhoneView

Replicate the design and content of your print prospectus in a digital recreation. Before adding interactive elements with the overlay editor.

Use reflowable HTML 5 in your digital prospectus allowing it to reshape to any screen size without impacting design and content layouts.

Create a responsive version of your digital prospectus designed exclusively for mobile delivery, with built-in device detection.


Overlay Editor

YUDU Publisher Feature - Lead Capture Forms

Lead Capture

YUDU Publisher Feature - Content Hyperlinking


YUDU Publisher Feature - Embed Interactive Content

Embed Interactive

Drive applications direct from your online prosepctus with a lead capture form. Either embed an existing form via iframe, or build your own.

Allow prospective students to easily navigate your digital prospectus, or direct them to your website for more details with content hyperlinking.

Use an iframe to embed interactive content into your online prospectus that can include video, virtual campus tours, and more.

YUDU Publisher Feature - Create Interactive Pop-up Content

Create Interactive Pop-up Content

YUDU Publisher Feature - Content Highlighting


YUDU Publisher Feature - Embed Video Content

Embed Video

Add a lightbox to your digital prospectus to focus attention and pop-up with content that can include text, images, video, forms, and more.

Use content highlighting to add colour and attract attention to interactive elements of your digital prospectus like navigation links and pop-ups.


YUDU Publisher Feature - Advanced Search

Advanced Search

YUDU Publisher Feature - Archive Search

Archive Search

Your digital prospectus is fully indexable and searchable. Giving interested students the power to search your content with keyword terms.

Give prospective students the power to search a complete archive of all your digital content - prospectuses, magazines, viewbooks, and more.


YUDU Publisher Feature - User Annotations


YUDU Publisher Feature - Content Bookmarking


YUDU Publisher Feature - Navigation Menu


Give prospects the power to annotate your digital prospectus and personalise it to their own reading needs.

Let prospects bookmark pages and content, so they can quickly and easily navigate back to it at a later date.

Create an interactive menu in the toolbar so students can navigate your digital prospectus at pace with ease.

YUDU Publisher Feature - Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons

YUDU Publisher Feature - Download to PDF for Offline Access

Download to PDF for Offline Access

Make it easy for students to share your digital prospectus through social platforms with friends and followers.

Give students the power to download a PDF version of your prospectus, so they can access it at a time to suit them.

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