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Deliver Accessibility In Your Digital Publications

YUDU Publisher increases accessibility in your digital publications with in-built features helping you provide a more accessible experience.

Improve Accessibility with YUDU Publisher

YUDU Publisher’s in-built accessibility technology helps reduce barriers that users may face in viewing your content.

Our PhoneView feature delivers accessibility for those with visual and motor impairments. Text size can be dynamically changed to improve readability, while keyboard shortcuts allow navigation without a mouse or trackpad.

We are currently upgrading the platform to increase accessibility in line with WCAG guidelines.

YUDU Plans to Enhance Accessibility in Publisher

In pursuit of equal online access for all, we are working on significantly enhancing the accessibility features of the YUDU Publisher platform:

  • Improving compatibility with screen readers, to remove barriers and provide a smooth experience for visually impaired users who consume your publications via accessibility screen readers
  • A bureau service for creation of WCAG-compliant accessible content on your behalf
  • Improved self-publishing tools for viewing and editing PhoneView content
  • WCAG accessibility accreditation options via third party accessibility consultants, for when you need an independent stamp of approval for your accessible content

Start Improving Your Content Accessibility

Call the YUDU Publisher team to find out more, or get a quote to begin your accessibility journey.