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As marketing experts, we understand the power of remarketing to our website visitors. The ability to re-engage lost visitors, improve brand recognition, and drive increased conversion are just a few of the benefits that come with effective remarketing.

With YUDU Publisher, you can now unlock these benefits direct from your digital publication. Whether you're publishing a magazine, catalogue, brochure, prospectus, or textbook there are unique and powerful applications for remarketing.

publisher-add-remarketing-pixelHow to Add Remarketing to YUDU Publisher

The YUDU Publisher platform supports remarketing pixels from all leading search and social platforms - Google, Microsoft, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), Twitter, and LinkedIn.

YUDU Publisher gives you the power to build audiences direct from your digital publications and target them with relevant advertising across these vast display networks.

The process of adding a remarketing pixel to your digital publication is really quite simple. In the 'General Settings' of your digital publication there is a section titled 'Reading Style'. Here, you simply add unique JavaScript to both the header and the footer, depending on the requirements of each remarketing pixel.

If you have any issues, you can ask a member of the YUDU Support Team.

The Benefits of Adding Remarketing to Your Digital Publication

Depending on the type of digital content you publish - Brochure, Catalogue, Magazine, Prospectus, Textbook - the remarketing strategies you implement can be adjusted to help you achieve your unique goals.

A second chance at conversion

It turns out that 97% of people visit your website, or publication for the first time, don’t buy anything, and are then lost forever. Retargeting lets you remind visitors of your products and services, giving them a second chance to subscribe or make a purchase. Here are a few application ideas:

  • Convert magazine readers into subscribers - if you have a free (or sample) magazine, you can attach remarketing pixels and begin creating a unique audience from readers. You can then target this audience with adds across the relevant display network with subscription offers. Taking this a step further, once a reader converts to a subscriber via your website, you can create an exclusion list to ensure readers won't see adverts once they convert.
  • Show catalogue customers preferential pricing - you could create two catalogues, one for existing customers and one for prospective customers. By adding remarketing pixels to each, you can create separate audiences that can be targetted with personalised adds and preferential pricing. 

Control spend on search advertising with RLSAs

With Google Ads, you can create Remarketing Lists for Search Audiences (RSLAs) from your digital publication and then adjust bids on Google Search to control PPC spend and prevent wastage.

Here are a few simple ways to do this:

  • Only show ads on Google Search to people who visited your publication - whether it's a magazine, catalogue, or textbook, you can create an audience using an RSLA pixel. From here, you can then ensure you are only advertising to an audience you know has previously engaged with you and is more likely to convert in future. 
  • Don’t advertise to audiences who visited your online publication, or have already converted - this helps you prevent spend on an audience that is already a magazine subscriber, has bought a specific product, or is already reading your digital textbook.
  • Adjust bids for audiences that have already visited your publication - with RLSA audiences you can adjust keyword bids up or down in Google Search based on your personal preference. Knowing the reader is engaged, you might choose to bid more competitively  to secure the conversion.
  • Bid on generic and competitor brand terms with confidence - normally we avoid bidding on brand terms and generic terms as they are typically more expensive, with a lower conversion rate. However, this can change when we know the person has read our magazine, visited our catalogue, or viewed a digital textbook sample. Here we can bid on these terms, safe in the knowledge that the person is already engaging with us.


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