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Give your audience content designed and optimised for consumption on smartphone devices with our range of templates.

What is PhoneView?

PhoneView is a unique way of digitally delivering published content to smartphone that allows you to maintain the look and feel of the printed report for larger devices while presenting it in a responsive, smartphone-friendly manner on smaller devices.

We developed this feature specifically to respond to the fact that most people in Europe and North America now spend more time on their smartphone than any other device, making it vital for organizations and companies of all types to make sure their content can be consumed in a painless manner on smartphones.


How does it work?

PhoneView works by sitting a responsive HTML/CSS layer alongside the standard page-turning “publication view” of the converted PDF.

This means when the user accesses the edition from a smartphone, it automatically defaults to PhoneView, allowing them to read the publication in a more digestible way on smartphone devices.

YUDU detects what device is being used to serve the best viewing experience - if you are reading on a desktop, then you will be served the standard view. If you are viewing on a Phone or Tablet, then you will be served with PhoneView.

PhoneView then allows the user to increase and decrease the text size using the T-/+ icons and navigate through the content using the < > icons, or by a listed table of contents in the toolbar.

PhoneView can also handle interactive elements such as video, while larger images and graphs can be viewed via a lightbox to make for easy viewing.

Click here when on smartphone to see an example of PhoneView displaying AVMA's publication