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Features & Functionality

From subscription-management and HTML5 interactivity to multicasting, YUDU platforms deliver cutting-edge content-delivery and communication functionality



A full-range of analytics options to ensure that you've always got accurate data no matter the platform you're using

Our internal analytics package

YUDU Publisher, our content-delivery platform, can provide all users with an extremely granular level of analytical detail on who is accessing both their app and browser-based content.

The type of data can range from average-level dwell times per-page to macro-level like unique visitors. Making it a particularly valuable tool for magazine publishers looking to leverage dependable data when selling advertizing space.

Other analytics package integrations

The YUDU Publisher platform also provides functionality to integrate with other widely used platforms - reducing the disruption to internal workflows, these are chiefly:

  • Google Analytics (PageTiler/HTML).

  • Adobe Analytics (pagetiler/HTML).