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Corporate Training Apps

Provide all on-boarding, L&D and other corporate training content through an app, giving students, employees or delegates a truly blended learning experience.

Education and Training Clients benefitting from YUDU technology


Organise your corporate training content into one app

Regardless of whether you’re a training company selling your services, or a training department within a company offering learning & development to your employees, the problem of how to manage corporate training documentation is a common one.

A staff training solution app is essentially a container into which corporate training documents and videos can be published, categorised and then accessed by your employees or customers on desktops, tablets and smartphones. With the permission management tools, different groups of individuals can see and gain access to different materials. The process is easy and simple, increasing engagement with your content or allowing you to enhance the courses you sell.

A blended learning experience

Blended learning, allowing owners of corporate training content to support their on-site courses with a parallel digital experience, is reshaping how we think about not just corporate training, but education as a whole.

A staff training solution app allows you to empower trainees to learn in their own time, while monitoring their progress and delivering new content to them if and when required. 


Cloud-synchronised highlighting and note-taking

Trainees can make notes and highlights within documents on one device that can then be returned to on another device, through cloud-synchronization technology.

This allows them to blend the use of different devices, whether it's their work desktop or personal mobile phone, to make sure notes aren’t as easily lost as they are when made on A4 handouts.

Integrate with your LMS

If you already have a Learning Management System (LMS), then a staff training solution app acts as the perfect complementary tool to deliver corporate training materials on mobile devices as well as allowing you to integrate with the LMS to view important metrics. (Scorm and TinCan API compliant).

Make your corporate training documents available in a smartphone-friendly format

PhoneView, an exclusive YUDU feature, allows you to turn existing documents into responsive, smartphone-friendly versions so your trainees can easily read and engage with it even if they’re on smaller, four-inch smartphones.

Embed your quizzes/tests and more

Easily embed interactive corporate training content such as quizzes created in third-party programs like Articulate and Tumult Hype. These can be housed within the app to sit alongside your training books, documents, videos and whatever else you have to create a one-stop hub for your trainees.