For publishers struggling to print & distribute, digital is the answer

Publishers who are struggling to get their content printed and distributed during the coronavirus outbreak are turning to digital, says YUDU CEO Richard Stephenson.

Newspapers, journals and trade magazines are seeing a huge spike in readership on the back of the health emergency. However, smaller publications are faced with increasing difficulties to print and distribute their product.

Commenting, Stephenson said:

"At YUDU Publisher we were recently approached by CorpComms magazine who were in difficulty and we managed to turn their journal into a digital edition in just thirty minutes."

Helen Dunne, Editor of CorpComms, said:

"We wanted to make sure our readers received their dose of CorpComms while working at home. So were delighted when YUDU managed to turn our magazine into a great looking digital version in super quick time."

The benefit of the digital approach is the ability to publish high quality digital magazines very rapidly. Digital also offers advanced tools needed to control distribution, gather GDPR-compliant data and review engagement statistics.

Stephenson went on:

"It is not just in the UK, a Californian publisher got in touch to say they couldn’t get their magazines printed, and could we help. The answer was yes we can, and we did.

Publications currently struggling to fulfil their subscriptions in print, may well find digital to be the answer, and YUDU’s award winning publishing technology is here to assist without any complications. After all, we have been publishing quality digital magazines for more than 16 years."

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