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Build your readers a community hub for all of the books in your catalog with a Bookstore App


How do I create a branded Bookstore App with YUDU?

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What are the benefits of hosting all of your titles within a Bookstore App?

1. Customers can access any type of content from one destination

Books, videos and other updates can be accessed in one place. Rather than browsing the app stores and search engines; let your customers search in one place, on any device - all in your branded app.

2. Allow your readers to read online and offline

Readers can download your books straight onto their device. Once downloaded, books, videos and other information can be accessed when they are offline too.  

3. Read titles on mobile, tablet and desktop

Branded apps work on mobile, tablet and desktops – let your customers read on every device, at anytime.

4. Notify customers when new titles are available

Your app can also work as a marketing channel. A simple push notification will let your customers know when new titles are published, and when new editions of existing publications are published you can market the update easily.

5. Full reporting capabilities

Both online and offline reading is tracked, giving you comprehensive feedback on which resources are being used. If everyone stops reading on page 15, you know that's a page to work on.

BookSnacking is  a marketing tool for book promotions. It allows publishers to increase book discoverability by using a browser-based sample that can be distributed across all devices using a single link.

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