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Digital Textbook Publishing

A Digital Textbook App allows you to publish all of your educational materials to a single hub, accessible on all mobile devices to students.


Why create an app for your educational publications?

1. Customers can access multiple titles in one app

Textbooks, videos, teacher resources and other content can be accessed in one place. Make it easy for students. Rather than browsing the app stores and search engines for learning resources; teach them to search in one place, on any device - all in your branded app.

2. Downloaded titles can be read online and offline

Students can download titles straight onto their device. Once downloaded, textbooks, videos and teacher resources can be read when offline. Any notes will be stored as soon as Internet connection is restored. Both online and offline reading is tracked, giving you comprehensive feedback on which resources are being used.

3. Read titles on mobile, tablet and desktop

Branded apps work on mobile, tablet and desktop on both classroom-managed and students own devices. Log-in details can be distributed giving only subscribed students access to the latest course materials. Maintain annual sales revenues by setting up subscriptions for a term, a year or a course duration.

4. Notes, highlighting and clippings sync across devices

Allow students to interact with their content, using the note-taking and highlighting capabilities. Notes and highlights made on a tablet at home, will then sync across each students account - allowing them access to user-generated content in the classroom too.

5. Notify customers when new titles are available

A simple push notification will let your customers know when new titles are published, and when new editions of existing publications are published you can market the update easily. Easier than email and social media marketing, once a student has downloaded an app, it essentially offers you an extra marketing channel.

Example app - Future Managers:

Digital Textbook 1
Sell through your website or app
Digital Textbook 2
Note taking and highlighting
Digital Textbook 3
Clean, intuitive user-interfaces
Digital Textbook 4
Categorize your digital textbooks