Corporate Communications App

Publish documents and video to different user groups and use two-way communication for alerts and feedback



Work is changing and communications tools are responding

Remote working, flexible hours, continuous learning is the new landscape. Apps are the best way to ensure communication on-the-go is efficient, secure and email free.

Communicating Content avoiding email has huge advantages

Email is overloaded and anything sent is frequently lost if not flagged or filed immediately. Sending content to the App ensures they always have the latest version filed in the right location automatically.

Email and the attachments are notoriously insecure and updates and unlike the App, changes to documents requires a resend. Smartphones and tablets are now standard professional work tools, and the YUDU App technology gives communication professionals a new way to engage.

Publish directly to the app, and control who can access the content

If you have newsletters, videos, new product data, health and safety information, employee handbooks, training materials, company reports or other corporate content, the App automatically files these in the correct category for easy retrieval and viewing. Customisable push notifications alert them to the new document which can be viewed on and offline.

Publishing to the app is simple using the YUDU Portal. The app’s easy-to-use permission management system also allows you to control who can access the documents. Allowing you to ensure only certain departments or levels of seniority have access to certain types of document.

Make communication material readable on smartphones

PhoneView is a YUDU-exclusive smart phone viewer that detects the user’s device and delivers the optimised reading experience. No more annoying pinching and zooming as the font size adjusts to the screen size. Pdfs are simply not suited for Phones and YUDU’s processes accurately convert documents to make reading simple.

Broadcast directly to your employees

Do you want to get employee feedback on a change in company policy, such as moving premises, or simply broadcasting out relevant information about such changes?

Pick a group and send a message just for them by in-app message, sms or email from the Broadcast Center. Instant Polling gets you the feedback when you need it and the results are graphically displayed. Never before has a an organisation had such simple a fast tools to get opinions and feedback.

A centrally accessible directory of employees

Linked to the HR database or separately maintained, the app can be set to display the up-to-date directory on user devices allowing them to dial, sms or email colleagues directly from the phone. With security as part of the architecture access to the app can denied from the company at any stage.