The best way of delivering digital publications such as documents, magazines, books and catalogs to a browser environment


Digital publications readable across all devices

PageTiler is our best-in-class browser-reader platform. Released in 2015 and built in HTML/JavaScript, it is a truly modern, Flash-free reader. Secure and dependable, it allows individuals, publishers, organizations and more to publish digital editions to the browser knowing that their content will be readable across all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops. 

Super-fast performance 

Built with speed in mind, PageTiler breaks content down into tiles at different resolution levels, allowing optimal rendering speed and picture quality.

Distribution with a single link

PageTiler allows for easy distribution. As content is published to a single URL, this allows for ease of distribution, especially on social media channels. Combined with its platform-agnosticity, this makes PageTiler an ideal platform for disseminating content to large web-based audiences.

A range of enhancement options

When used in tandem with our YUDU Publisher content delivery system, you can enhance your content with video, audio, animations or interactivity, and deploy to PageTiler, native apps or both.


In addition to standard security measures, PageTiler employs a unique approach of rendering imagery in a tiled way. This complicates the process of copying and replicating assets displayed within PageTiler in a way that would be readable to others, acting as another barrier that can be employed as DRM.


PhoneView is a YUDU Publisher feature for enhancing the smartphone reading experience. Working across both PageTiler and our apps, it allows the reader to seamlessly switch between a digital replica view of a piece of content, and a responsive HTML/CSS view, negating the annoyance of having to pinch and zoom on smaller devices.

Click below to see an example of PageTiler in action

alimetaria digital magazine