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Providing cutting-edge digital publishing software, alongside communication platforms


Communication has changed

People are more connected than ever before: Social media, the cloud, smartphones, tablets and remote working. A perfect environment for YUDU.

Since 2007 we have made it our mission to build the very best publishing and communication technology for organizations to publish interactive content, video and HTML5 content through our cloud based publishing platform, YUDU Publisher. This has ranged from dealing with simply digital magazines to entire United Nations libraries. 

Our customers expect us to be at the forefront of change and we are proud to have supplied the very best digital solutions for web and apps to over 2,000 business and publishing houses.

YUDU have won many awards for technology, customer service and design and along the way we have built more than a thousand apps for iOS, Android and Windows, catering to every industry and business.

YUDU staff make YUDU Special

YUDU believes in continuous development to stay at the leading edge in an ever-changing world of technology. We recruit the very best developers for our development team with the necessary skills to solve any sort of problem clients may have, as quickly as possible.

Great technology requires equally great service. Our client service team operates consistently at over 97% customer satisfaction which is measured each month and we believe our clients are our best sales force.

Working for clients both big and small

The diversity of our client base reflects the excellence of our work. We have developed publishing solutions for global education publishers, top magazine brands, Fortune 500 companies and the big four professional services companies.

We continue to push boundaries and support our clients with their digital strategies. PhoneView is a recent example of our continued development to our publishing platform, to enable better smartphone publishing. YUDU also launched a platform called Sentinel, a communications solution that blends documentation with the latest SMS, email and in-app messaging technology to keep people safe and informed in emergencies.

Supporting every digital platform

YUDU technology is built to support all platforms. Our apps sit natively on iOS, Android and Windows devices and our HTML browser-reader solution, PageTiler, works across all major browsers. That means you never have to worry about your content not reaching your audience because of device issues.

Deploy mobile apps in a matter of weeks

All of our technology, including our Sentinel crisis communication platform, draw upon an extremely broad feature list.

Document management sits at the heart of what we do and is supplemented with a set of modules - making the development of your customised app significantly quicker and cost effective when compared against bespoke app development.

The capability to deploy an app that is fully configured to meet a client’s need in the shortest possible time is a key point of differentiation from competitors. It’s our design philosophy. And we’re good at it, just ask our clients.

From digital publishing to crisis communication

Following the Holborn Kingsway fire in 2015, we responded to the needs of one of our customers and developed the crisis communication platform, Sentinel.

Working both as a disaster recovery system and a piece of incident management software, it combines the document handling functionality of our publishing software with a new, mobile-firs crisis communication platform.

To find out more about Sentinel, click here.

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