With a history in the digital publishing and communication spaces of over 10 years, our value-offerings to clients speak for themselves


Early beginnings

Our history begins back in 2003, when Digital Alternatives was founded as one of the first companies that specialized in digital publishing offering Flash-based page-turning editions to its publishing clients. Digital Alternatives achieved this by outsourcing its technology through an Australian partner

In 2005 it became clear that the future of publishing and content communication would be defined by a mix of both print and digital, so we began to strategically think about how to develop our own publishing platform that could both support digital-only content as well as complementing print content.  

To serve into this mixed media world, the company concluded that it would no longer be practical for the company to continue to grow by simple outsourcing services. Any future model would need to allow publishers to control and edit their own publications.

The birth of the YUDU brand

In 2007 we launched our own client facing and content-delivery platform alongside re-launching under the brand name YUDU.

Since then we’ve been one of the first app developers to create native container apps for both iOS and Android and have continually invested in our YUDU Publisher system to expand its feature-set and functionality year-on-year, every year.

We have moved into an increasingly diverse range of markets, including training, corporate communication, emergency communications and more. This has been accompanied by an increasing emphasis on developing excellent communication solutions, alongside our traditional digital publishing technology. 

All of our technology is built to accommodate and communicate your content in the most effective way, from the easy upload process to the ability to deploy enhanced versions of this content across all devices in a matter of minutes. 

Today YUDU publishes to the web and mobile devices with a broad range of apps and extremely diverse range of features and functionality we have built up over the years.

Increasingly we are focusing on developing elegant reading experiences suited for smartphones, which is why we launched our PhoneView system in 2016, to support deployment of responsive HTML content to smartphones which could seamlessly sit alongside enhanced PDF content - making it easier for readers to consume and more effective for content owners to publish. 

It's because of this history, and the fact we’ve been around for nearly a decade that we are able to offer a level of assurance and dependability that other, newer start-ups aren’t able to provide. We continue to invest in our platform and apps so that our clients always have access to the most cutting edge publishing software and content-driven apps.

Some of our key milestones

  • 2006/7 – Cloud computing platform for creating interactive rich media digital editions.
  • 2008 – Peer-to-peer and user generated content site for publishers and readers – YUDU.com – Top 6k sites in the world by Alexa ranking (top 5k US, top 1k UK)
  • 2010 – iPad App software tools: 100 iPad and iPhone apps live in the first 12 months from launch.
  • 2011 – Illustrated books service for fixed layout ePub (for the iBookstore) and Read Aloud books.
  • 2012 – Cross platform solution for publishing across web, iOS & Android devices.
  • 2013 - AppFactory launched for partners.
  • 2013 - Upgraded YUDU Publisher digital publishing suite launched.
  • 2014 - HTML browser-solution launched.
  • 2015 - Our Crisis Communications App was launched.
  • 2016 - Our PhoneView module was launched.