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Our creative services team can help you improve your engagement with your digital audiences and help you solve your digital problems.

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In 2013, after helping a number of clients implement design ideas into their apps, we set up the YUDU creative team. With a combination of high-end design, technical and project management skills, the team are well placed to help you develop the visual elements of your digital project.

Below are some of the services we can offer, illustrated by some of our past work. If you have other requirements, please do get in touch, and one of our project managers will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer solutions to achieve your goals.

Kara final design

Advanced web development

YUDU's Creative Services team has worked with a plethora of clients, from large multinational companies to small agencies, who use our skills and services to enhance their own offering to their clients and stakeholders.

An example of our work, with one of our agency partners Rare Breed, can be seen in the screenshot opposite. This particular project involved delivering an app that contains customised web forms that are available even when offline for iOS and Windows devices. Form entries are stored on the device offline, and are submitted to a hosted database storage system from which the client can download the results in CSV format.

Here are some of the web development services we can offer you at fixed or variable hourly rates:

  • Custom form creation
  • Database creation and management
  • Creation of custom welcome and navigation screens for iOS, Android and Windows apps
  • "Social Wall" creation
  • Styled feed pages (from JSON, RSS and/or XML sources)
  • Code Troubleshooting (charge per hour)
  • HTML template creation
  • App and Web User Experience Consultancy

    Visualise customised user interfaces, user experience workflows and design your app with our creative services team, who are available to help at any time with your project.

    The YUDU creative services team took HFE from a concept to a fully-fledged app, including feeds, interactive tests and documents within three months. YUDU came up with a simple UX to house all the sections of the app, which works seamlessly across phone and tablet. 

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    Ux design yudu
    2d animation

    2D Animation

    Bring life to your flat PDF-based documents and editions, delight your readers with subtle but effective animation, full video support and interactivity with our creative services team.

    We were commissioned by Time Inc to develop a subtle front cover animation for their AT&T spring guide. 

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