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Dynamic Apps For Member Organisations & Associations

Add value to your members by giving them a branded app to read your publications, journals and training materials. Our Apps can also deliver live news feeds and allow members to sync event calendars.



Upload all of your content to a single container app through YUDU Publisher.



Organise your content into categories and sub-categories for an intuitive user experience.



Enhance your publications with overlay content such as interactivity, video, audio and more.


Access Control

Manage access to content through YUDU Publisher's permission management system, giving users and groups the level of access you require. Add full authentication to your app, requiring valid credentials before showing any content, or expose freely available content with an optional login system.


Dynamic Responsive Modes

Switch between standard view and PhoneView. PhoneView renders the content in responsive HTML/CSS, allowing for an excellent reading experience regardless of screen size.



Provide multi-platform access, publishing to Android, iOS and Windows apps with the same workflow. Allowing users to access whatever is stored within the document centre from whatever device they may be using.


Notes, Highlighting And Clippings Sync Across Devices

Allow students to interact with their content, using the note-taking and highlighting capabilities. Notes and highlights made on a tablet at home will then sync across each students account - allowing them access to user-generated content in the classroom too.


Reach A Global Audience With Your Content At Low Cost

Digital distribution is a tiny fraction of the cost of physical distribution and global audiences can be built economically. Use our platform to engage with all of your members, with high resolution, retina quality digital editions. Cross-promote other titles or events, offer easy in-app purchases and subscriptions, and save money on postage by offering digital only options.


Flexible Document Formats

With both print-replica and fully responsive HTML formats, your content will look amazing on every device. Print-replicas are best on large screens like the iPad Pro, with smaller screens enjoying the responsive layouts available for mobile - no need for page turning or page flipping, just navigate editions with highly accessible articles.

Trusted by thousands of clients

With constant development since 2007, YUDU has solutions used by thousands of clients around the world. Here are just some of our clients using our association solutions.