Use Cases

Professional Services Firms

Perfect for Law and Accountancy firms.

We have deployed Sentinel systems for highly respected firms such as Farrer and Travers Smith who have used YUDU sentinel's advanced document management capability to deliver their business continuity and disaster recovery plans to the staff where and when they need them.

The app directory is also in daily use by lawyers who are keen to contact contacts back at the firm when in the court room. This directory also works with no internet connection.

Other firms use the sentinel SMS capability to flood messages to both work and personal mobiles to inform them of critical communications

Proffessional services firms
Event venues

Event Venues

Sentinel can be used to coordinate staff in emergency incidents for event venues.

Using Sentinel's API, your team can create a custom integration which better deals with the transient nature of many of the staff that work in event venues.

Roles can also be set so that certain staff can only see the contact details of staff that they are allowed to see.

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Communicate with all businesses and securty professionals within your BID, using Sentinel's targetted group messageing features.

You can upload users and contacts to sentinel either through a CSV upload, through the sentinel API or manually one at a time.

Business plan

City Centre Hotels and Resorts

Sentinel can be used to coordinate staff in emergency incidents for Hotels. No more call sheets, or manually intensive data gathering.

Sentinel enables you to create groups of staff that can be targetted with messages and documentation that deal with multuiple types of incidents