YUDU Sentinel partners with KRTS International to deliver Mental Health First Aid

Supporting employees and managers following a work place trauma

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The Solution

KRTS Power to RespondĀ® is a ground-breaking digital health App that meets the standards set out in ISO 22330 and those of the World Health Organisation, International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, European Network for Traumatic Stress and the British Psychological Society amongst others for post-trauma care.

The software is purchased on an annual license basis and deployed by the organisation within that year whenever necessary. There will be a sliding scale of fees depending on the number of employees to ensure this technology is in reach of all. KRTS Power to RespondĀ® is suitable for large and small organisations, from micro SMEs to multinational corporations. They can be confident that this can be easily put in place immediately alongside their other incident management processes.

For more information please go the the KRTS Website or view our digital brochure here.

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