A Crisis Management Platform
for Transport & Logistics Organisations

Discover how the Sentinel Platform supports operational resilience and maintains continuity while improving incident response and resolution times

Why Sentinel for Crisis Management & Communications in the Transport & Logistics sector

Problems can quickly stack up for your Transport & Logistics company: technical failure, accidents, man-made disasters, supply chain disruptions, strikes, cyber-attacks and more. You have a responsibility to keep management, staff, suppliers and passengers informed during an emergency. If you donā€™t lives can be put at risk.

In the event of an incident, the Sentinel crisis management platform provides a suite of tools enabling your key stakeholders to stay connected and informed wherever they are located, and it does so in a very cost-effective manner.

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Sentinel is the right choice for the Transport & Logistics Sector

How Sentinel is used in Transport & Logisitics companies

  • Communicate key information during a crisis to management, staff, suppliers and passengers instantly via multiple channels - SMS, email, in-app notifications etc.
  • Provide an incident hotline with voice message updates during an emergency. Keep key stakeholders informed while your crisis teams focus on incident resolution
  • Share instantly accessible digital documents including business contintinuity and crisis management plans for critical incidents to keep staff safe and operations running with minimal disruption
  • Activate and recieve confirmation from key contacts via 2-way alerting features to monitor staff safety
  • Chat Channels allow crisis teams and wider staff members communicate quickly via secure in-app instant messaging
  • Setup instant conference calls for the crisis team to communicate and respond faster when incidents occur
  • Ensure staff can reach critical contacts with a GDPR compliant contact directory that syncs with your HR database
  • A single tenant, secure cloud platform protects against cyber-attacks and server loss
  • Track and analyse all actions and responses to improve incident response in future
  • Sentinel is GDPR compliant and YUDU is ISO27001 registered.
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Discover how Sentinel can support you with industry-specific incidents

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