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Free Offer: Coronavirus Emergency Hotline

Set up your own support and information Hotline in minutes, without having to answer calls.

Hotline Offer

To help your organisation keep in touch with all stakeholders during the coronavirus outbreak, YUDU Sentinel is offering you Hotline free of charge for three months. It’s incredibly easy to use and can be set up in minutes.

Here’s how Hotline works: Just type your message into the dashboard and it’s immediately converted into a voice message. Your update instantly becomes available to everyone you need to reach as soon as they call your individual Hotline number.

It has a voicemail capability and can handle thousands of calls, so staff and switchboards are never overloaded.

How Hotline can Support You During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ross-On-Wye Council Connecting the Community

Case Study

Ross-On-Wye Council use Hotline to connect isolated and vulnerable residents

When Covid-19 struck, a simple way for vulnerable and isolated residents to make contact if they needed assistance was needed. In steps Hotline...

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Set Up your Coronavirus Hotline in Minutes

The free offer

  • No contractual obligation
  • Hotline free for 90 days
  • Allowance of 6,000 inbound call minutes per month
  • Overage rate of £0.012 per call minute
  • A dedicated UK Telephone Number
  • Callers can leave voicemails (optional)
  • UK customers only

After 90 days, a discounted offer:

  • Hotline system can be continued for a further 90 days for a discounted fee of £400
  • Allowance of 6,000 inbound call minutes per month

Sign Up Now - Commitment Free

No contract to sign, no card details required and no automatic rollover - just free access to your Hotline system

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Your Simple Solution in a Crisis

Hotline provides a platform for your organisation’s voice to explain what’s happening. Sentinel Hotline is an easy to use communications software which enables you to set up a voice-driven information Hotline that can be instantly updated in the midst of a crisis.

You simply type in an update which callers will instantly hear as soon as they ring your Hotline number using the latest text-to-voice technology.

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For more information about the features and functionality of Sentinel Hotline, visit the Hotline product page:

More about Hotline

For more information about our Crisis Management solutions, visit the Sentinel product page:

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