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Reach all your audiences, all the time

Set up your own crisis hotline in minutes, without having to answer calls.

Why Sentinel Hotline?

  • Keep all your stakeholders constantly updated when events are moving fast.
  • Create consistent voice messages that are accessed on individual Hotline phone numbers.
  • Handle thousands of incoming calls and collect voicemails to prevent staff being overwhelmed.

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Here's how Hotline works

  • Type your message into the dashboard and the keystrokes are converted into a seamless voice message.
  • Your update instantly becomes available to everyone you need to reach as soon as they call your individual Hotline number.
  • Using the latest AI powered technology, Hotline allows text-to-speech conversion in up to 22 different languages, saving time in recording and updating messages in foreign language versions.
  • Hotline has voicemail that’s integrated with a sophisticated message management system.
  • It has a notes section where admin can record who messages were passed to and what action was taken.
  • Hotline can be operated and updated remotely.

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The benefits Hotline brings

  • Maintain open lines of communication with employees, suppliers and stakeholders by making regular updates as a crisis develops.
  • Hotline creates a trusted, reliable and up-to-date source of information that can be accessed easily without a smartphone or computer.
  • Respond to voicemail using a sophisticated message management system to deal with inbound requests and enquiries.
  • Hotline can handle thousands of calls, so staff and switchboards are never overloaded.
  • Send updates via a breaking news ticker to your organisation’s website.
  • PIN protect your Hotline if particular content is of a confidential nature.
  • Hotline is fully set up in a matter of hours with minimal fuss required from communication and administration teams.
Hotline Crisis Communications Voicemail Handling

Voicemail handling

Typically, Hotline is used to reach an organisation’s audiences with updates and messages, but it also contains a sophisticated voicemail and message management system.

It allows incident controllers to listen to messages and prioritise their response before calling back. Voicemail can be monitored and updated remotely.

Intuitive, easy to use console

Sentinel Hotline can be up and running in minutes. The console allows you to activate up to 10 Hotlines and enable the voicemail and message management system.

You also get to set a security PIN for private Hotline updates, when you only want to reach specific audiences. Hotline numbers can be activated in advance of an incident enabling them to be sent to pre-agreed audiences.

The console displays the inbound call number and voicemails. Realtime stats show how many calls are generated as an incident progresses.

Hotline Crisis Communications Console
Hotline Crisis Communications Special Features

Special features

Because Hotline in hosted in the cloud this means that even if servers and telecoms go down, your Hotlines will still be available.

Hotline is perfect for reaching elderly or isolated people who may not have ready access to the internet or a smart phone.

Hotlines are set up using local numbers and charged at the standard rate keeping user call charges low. SMS and email alerts can only be sent to those people for whom you have contact details. Hotline allows you to reach a far wider audience.

Your Hotline messages can also be displayed as a news ticker on your website.

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