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Recover faster from a cyber attack or server loss with our award-winning crisis management platform.

Communication is Key to Responding Quickly

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Loss of servers and telecoms is one of the most common effects of a cyber attack. If you are the victim of a phishing attack, then you must assume that hackers have access to your emails. You therefore need a backup channel of communication that is separate from your systems.

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Sentinel’s Broadcast Centre lets you mass notify your staff via SMS, email and in-app messaging in 60 seconds or less. You can see responses to yes/no questions such as “Have you opened any email attachments today?” in real time on the dashboard, and set up a Secure Instant Teleconferencing (SIT) call with your incident response team to handle the situation as quickly as possible.

A Reliable Back Up System

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With secure, single tenant, fully redundant cloud-based infrastructure, Sentinel is entirely separate from your infrastructure, adding resilience to cyber attacks. The system is protected by two-factor authentication and we are Cyber Essentials approved.

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Sentinel’s Contact Directory means that you still have access to the contact details that you need in a crisis, even if your emails and servers are down. You can also store your vital business continuity documents in the Document Centre, so you’ll always be able to read and share your disaster recovery protocols and cyber security instructions.

Designed for a flexible workforce

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Sentinel is a mobile-first solution, with a mobile app for iOS and Android. Users can access all of the content and communications on their Sentinel system through the app, making it easier to transition to a workplace recovery facility or simply work from home.

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The documents held in Sentinel’s Document Centre cannot be forwarded on or shared outside the app – minimising the “insider threat” and avoiding accidental data breaches. The contacts held in Sentinel are also secure and GDPR-compliant, making it a communication tool that is perfect for organisations with "Bring your own device (BYOD)" policies. Contacts cannot be siphoned out of Sentinel as they can with apps such as WhatsApp.

A trusted source of communication during a cyber crisis

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Sentinel can be white labelled with your branding, making it a familiar platform for your staff. While e-mail and SMS messages may provoke suspicion if you have suffered a phishing attack, an in-app message from a trusted platform is the best way to engage your staff in response to the incident, with push notification support to add further redundant methods of getting your critical message to your employees.

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During a crisis, people often forget their training. Sentinel’s Content Library lets you host training materials, including video, on the app where your staff can access it if they need a reminder. Your Sentinel system can be a trusted source of critical knowledge as well as a crisis management platform.

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