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Demo the Sentinel Check-in Experience

Follow these simple steps to see how quick and easy it is for customers to check-in and comply with the new Track & Trace requirements:

Sentinel Check-in QR Codes

For the purpose of this demo we’ve created a fictional pub - The Hancock Arms.

Sentinel Check-in QR Codes

1. The Hancock Arms has signed up for Check-in and gets its own dedicated QR code.

Sentinel Check-in QR Codes

2. This QR code is put on posters outside or in the entrance to the pub.

Sentinel Check-in QR Codes

3. Customers scan the QR code (or call the associated number) to ‘Check-in’.

Sentinel Check-in QR Codes

4. To see what happens as a customer - scan the QR code, accept the prompt to call the number and wait for your text message confirmation.

Sentinel Check-in QR Codes

5. The activity is now recorded on the pub’s Check-in database and can be shared with the NHS test and trace scheme on request.

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