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Why Sentinel Check-in?

Sentinel Check-in is a simple, speedy and secure full-service contact tracing system that works in conjunction with the NHS test-and-trace app.

Not all customers will arrive at your venue with the NHS COVID-19 app or a smart phone, yet it is still your legal responsibility to collect customer contact data. Failure to comply could mean a fine of £1,000 or £4,000 for repeat offences.

Sentinel Check-in solves that problem and perfectly complements the NHS system. Leaving you free to focus on what’s important, the customer.

Check-in is hassle free: No technology to setup and no staff training. We handle data security, GDPR compliance and all NHS tracing requests so you don’t have to.

Sentinel Check-in QR Code - Try it now

Try it now

  1. Open phone camera
  2. Point at QR code
  3. Tap to call the revealed number

Alternatively, call the number provided

Venues that can benefit from Sentinel Check-in

Click an industry sector icon to find out how Sentinel Check-in can be used for contact tracing in your venue:

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Close Contact Venues

Close Contact

Hairdressers, beauticians & tattooists

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Healthcare


Hospitals & doctors’ surgeries

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Hospitality


Pubs, restaurants, cafés & bars

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Legal Instituitions

Legal Institutions

Public courts & tribunals

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Local Authorities Facilities

Local Authorities

Town halls, civic centres & libraries

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Places of Worship

Places of Worship

Churches, mosques, synagogues & temples

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Retail Sites


Shopping centres & retail parks

Icon - Sentinel Check-in for Tourism & Leisure

Tourism & Leisure

Hotels, museums, cinemas, zoos & theme parks

Sentinel Check-in Posters

Venues get a unique phone number and QR code printed on posters and cards - supplied by Sentinel. Nothing to install, just display the posters

Sentinel Check-in - Register in under 10 seconds

It takes just 10 seconds for customers to register. Customer personal data is not accessible by staff.

Sentinel Check-in is Secure

Sentinel handles all NHS test and trace requests on your behalf. Data is encrypted, safe and compliant with GDPR.

Sentinel Check-in is a full-service registration system

Sentinel Check-in - Rapid Registration

Rapid Registration

The Sentinel Check-in process is quick and simple. Customers can register their details in under 10 seconds, so they’re in the door faster and buying drinks. Not left queuing outside to fill out a form.

Sentinel Check-in - Zero Training Required

Zero Training Required

As a fully managed service, Sentinel Check-in requires no training. Staff don’t handle any technology and have no access to customer data. You simply need to display the check-in posters provided by Sentinel and you’re good to go.

Sentinel Check-in - Data Accuracy

Accurate Data Collection

The NHS needs accurate data. Customers manually filling out forms can make mistakes or provide fake data. Sentinel Check-in records the customers number when they call the registration line - so data is verified and 100% accurate.

Sentinel Check-in - GDPR Compliant

GDPR Compliant

Misuse of customer data is a serious offence and can result in a large GDPR fine. Sentinel Check-in makes this risk zero. Customers can be sure their details are safely secured, not shared with third parties, or used for marketing purposes. We also handle erasure of data, one less thing for you to worry about.

Sentinel Check-in - Secure Data Collection

Data is Secure

Check-in via telephone is the most secure way to capture customer details, with data encrypted and stored securely in the Cloud. Hand-written cards can be stolen, wifi networks hacked to intercept customer data. Sentinel Check-in removes these vulnerabilities.

Sentinel Check-in - Proof of Registration

Clear Proof of Registration

Upon registering, the customer recieves a text as proof of registration. Need to check a customer has registered? Simply ask to see the registration message on their phone.

Sentinel Check-in - Handles NHS Tracing Requests

NHS Tracing Requests Handled

We handle the hassle of NHS tracing requests, so you don’t have to. No scrambling around to locate customer data from a specific date, ensuring it’s accurate and in the right format before you eventually send it off.

Sentinel Check-in - ISO 27001 Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

Hackers are after your data, so we keep it encrypted on our servers. Most importantly, we are ISO 27001 certified, which is the gold standard for information security. We erase data in line with all the provisions of GDPR.

Find out more, call the Check-in team or sign up to get started.

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Pricing for Check-in is simple and affordable

  • No minimum contract period or hidden lock-ins.
  • No set up fees.
  • Free PDF posters and postcards personalised to your venue to print and display.
  • Optional print pack containing 10 A3 posters, 50 A4 posters and 250 postcards. (You supply the Blu-tack!)
  • Only 8 pence per registration.
  • Discounts available for multi-site venues.

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Sentinel Check-in Pricing

Why is Sentinel Check-in different from all other solutions?

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 1

We use the telephone system not the internet for registration.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 2

Every venue is provided with their own local phone number and QR code. The QR code can be used to dial the number, avoiding mistakes and helping people with poor vision.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 3

Posters and postcards displaying the venue name, QR code and phone number can be delivered in 3 days. PDFs are supplied immediately as a self-printing option.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 4

As soon as staff display the posters the system is live. Customers point their phone cameras at the QR code or call the number displayed.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 5

The customer isn’t required to fill out any forms and gets a voice message thanking them for registering.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 6

The customer also receives a confirmation SMS which can be used as proof of registration.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 7

When NHS test-and-trace staff contact Sentinel, they are given the Sentinel tracing hotline and email to access the data and start tracing.

Sentinel Check-in - How it Works - Step 8

NHS test-and-trace requests are handled by Sentinel.

Find out more, call the Check-in team or sign up to get started.

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