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The Simple-to-use Solution for Worst Case Scenarios

Sentinel keeps vital business communications running in crisis and emergency situations, when all other systems fail. Delivering collaboration tools and sharing critical documents for crisis response teams and key stakeholders.

A suite of app, cloud, and telephony tools designed to always be available, accessible, and secure.

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YUDU Sentinel Overview

Why Sentinel?


Available & Accessible

Sentinel is a cloud-based platform independent of your internal systems. Communicate & access documents with tools that work when all other systems fail. Connect anytime, anywhere, on any device via app or web browser.


Tools in Sentinel are designed to be easy to use. A clear interface & step-by-step actions make performing key activities simple. Tasks that are normally complex and time-consuming can be achieved in Sentinel with a few quick clicks.

Secure by Design

Security is built into every aspect of Sentinel. Deploy your platform in a single client set-up for a self-contained platform that is more secure. Identity access management controls who can access tools and documents and what they can do.

Sentinel Modules

Individual tools combined for custom solutions

The Sentinel Platform is a collection of crisis communication and document management tools known as modules. You can choose to deploy a single module or combine them to create a custom crisis management solution to meet your business needs and budget.

Sentinel has the capabilities of crisis management software, emergency notification systems, and business continuity software all available on one platform. Our modules include:

Explore Platform Modules

Sentinel Modules

Platform Deployment Modes

Sentinel Deployment Modes

Deployment modes to solve different crisis scenarios

The Sentinel Platform can be deployed in multiple pre-configured modes. Combining our simple-to-use tools in a setup designed to offer solutions as:

Sentinel Platform Features


Each Sentinel module has built-in reporting to deliver deep insights into your crisis handling. Helping you analyse, learn and improve your crisis response.


Every action and communication in Sentinel is logged in real-time. Messages and documents can't be deleted by users, so nothing can be lost or hidden.

GDPR Compliant

The Sentinel platform is built to meet and uphold the principles of GDPR. All information is managed, stored and processed in line with the legal requirements.

Sentinel For Industry Sectors

Configured to meet industry requirements

Every industry has its own set of unique requirements, regulations, standards and compliance. Sentinel has the flexibility to be configured to meet your respective industry needs.

Explore how Sentinel can be deployed in the following industries to support you in crisis events, emergency situations, and more:

Explore by Industry

Sentinel for Industry Sectors

Getting Started with Sentinel

Instant Chat Channels

Dedicated 24/7 support available

Digital Document Management

Personalised onboarding & training

Built-in Reporting

Resources & materials to keep you prepared

Sentinel provides dedicated online & telephone support options scaling up to 24/7 support. So you can access support services anytime, anywhere for complete peace of mind.

Sentinel is a cloud based SaaS platform. Meaning there's nothing to install. With personalised onboarding and training, your crisis management solution will be up and running in 24 hours.

Gain access to our combined knowledge and expertise through carefully curated crisis management resources. Helping prepare you for crisis events.

Trusted By

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Travers Smith use Sentinel

Internaional law firm Travers Smith deploy the Sentinel platform as a crisis management soltuion.

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Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline

Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline to deliver crisis updates across 24 locations to 1900 employees.

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Victoria BID use Sentinel

Victoria BID deploy the Sentinel platform in emergency situations for mass alerting & crisis management.

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Ross on Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline

Ross-On-Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline to connect vulnerable & isolated residents in need of assistance.

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Our Awards and Accreditations

HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
ISO 27001:2013 Registered
BCI Gold Partner
CIR 2020 Awards - Shortlisted
Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2019
Cyber Essentials Certified
CIR Business Continuity Awards 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Sentinel Frequently Asked Questions

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