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Deliverables in a Crisis

Check People Are Safe In Minutes

As an emergency notification system the 'Multi-Alert' feature is used to flood alert the phone numbers and email addresses of your employees. Real-time responses can be viewed quickly and easily in the virtual control centre which is viewable on tablets, smartphones as well as desk and laptops. The system is a combination of SMS alert notification, SMS to voice, mass emailing and 2 way in-app messaging which forms a very complete mass alert system.

Create Communication Groups

The crisis management software has a powerful feature that allows the incident controllers to instantly form groups to to include staff and the external experts needed to resolve a crisis. Groups can be use for targeted messaging and controlling the documents each group can access.

Reduce The Severity Of A Crisis

It is well documented that the severity of a crisis is reduced by the speed of alerting and updating staff and providing them consistent messaging and information. Our crisis communication software enables multiple controllers to work simultaneously and the easy to use user interface ensures that specialist training is minimal. Alerts are sent via multiple redundant mechanisms to alert people at risk, regardless of whether the app is installed.

Reduce Outage Time

In a crisis people need to know what to do. The document centre is used to give people a library of instructions for each incident type that can be viewed instantly offline. If a wifi or phone signal is available the in-app messaging, SMS and email system can get instruction to staff within 60 seconds of sending helping to ensure they take the right action. Critical in a cyber attack.

Reduce Damage to your Organisation's Reputation

In the new world of Twitter it is essential that staff have the correct story fast and be kept update throughout the incident. If your normal communications are compromised, Sentinel is there to inform your supply chain and core customers. Accurate company information quickly and efficiently distributed to the right people can prevent lasting damage to your reputation. Crisis communications PR teams can be added to the system.

Learn for future incidents

An audit log is running through a crisis monitoring all actions taken and the response times. Post-crisis analysis tools help you understand where you can improve response times and improve management of future incidents.

How this is done

Manage incidents from any location with the Virtual Control Centre

Incidents do not happen at convenient times, so a crisis command centre that is operable from any mobile device or laptop is a key advantage. The product interface has been carefully considered for users of mobile devices, making it simple to use for everyone, regardless of training and technical literacy levels. Manage users and external contacts automatically either via our API, through CSV or directly in the Control Centre.

crisis communication virtual control centre
Target the right people

Groups: Target the right people.

Organise your contacts within specific groups for pin-point targeting of messages and relevant documentation such as disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Sentinel makes it easy for you to organise internal users and external contacts into groups that can be used as broadcast and/or document groups. The unique polling feature displays results in real time providing vital situation intelligence for crisis controllers.

World-class document viewing on mobiles

Securely distribute relevant disaster recovery and business continuity documentation to your enterprise app for immediate offline viewing.

YUDU’s sophisticated document management system sets Sentinel apart from other text notification and business continuity software solutions. Documents can easily be managed and assigned to specific user groups for tailored viewing offline within the mobile app. YUDU’s responsive 'PhoneView' solution optimises documents for reading on small screens. Perfect for people who need immediate access to documents out of the office.

Document viewing
Sms and email

Keep the whole organisation informed

Effective communications is an essential element of ISO 22301 and the upcoming ISO 22330 which emphasises the importance of people in business continuity systems. People lie at the heart of our incident management system. Use the Multi-Alert feature to send out two way SMS alerts, email, in-app and voice communications to multiple contacts within minutes.

Sentinel makes it fast and simple to broadcasts to all your staff, suppliers & stakeholders within a matter of seconds. You can send emergency and critical communications through multiple channels to all your users and contacts, or to specific targeted groups.

Directory of critical contacts

Securely and easily manage internal and external contacts for access by staff, both online and offline, through the mobile app.

The app directory is available to all or selected users from within the app. Extra functionality allows administrators to show and hide private fields of data to people with the correct permissions.

Directory of contacts
Your private sentinel system

Your Private Sentinel System

The application architecture and business model, maintains complete data separation between our clients, so you can always rest assured about the security of your employee data.

The single tenant architecture of the system ensures greater architectural security and performance resiliency, reducing risks of overloading systems, if an event happens in a city location (e.g. London) where multiple businesses may activate the system. Each Sentinel customer has their own independent server architecture in AWS to suit their geography and size. Apps are branded for each organisation and perfect for crisis communications.

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