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Why YUDU Sentinel?

Sentinel is a crisis communications platform to accelerate and improve your crisis response. Dynamic, digital tools allow you to send mass notification alerts, share documents, communicate via chat channels and attend instant conference calls.

Developed as a mobile-first solution, Sentinel is accessible anywhere, any time. Administrators have eyes-on access, with all data secured for post-incident review.

Sentinel is hosted on a single-tenant, secure cloud server to protect against cyber-attacks and server loss. The Sentinel crisis console is protected by two-factor authentication adding an extra layer of protection.

A white-label version of the Sentinel incident management app is available, allowing clients to add their own name and branding.

Sentinel is used for critical incident management & crisis response extensively in the financial, legal, entertainment and engineering sectors.

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Recent Webinar - Terror-attck simulation exercise

With all the focus on the pandemic, the terror threat may seem to have receded. The Vienna incident is a reminder that the threat is still very real. So, we explore how you handle a terror attack when so many people are working remotely.

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Sentinel: The Key Features

Mass Alerting Icon

Mass Alerting

Send text & voice mass notification alerts to groups or individuals

Teleconferencing Icon


Set up an instant conference call with your crisis team

Sentinel Hotline Icon


Create voice message updates for all your audiences

Chat Channels Icon

Chat Channels

Communicate & collaborate with your team via instant messages

Client Logos

Document Centre

Share vital crisis management documents with your team

Action Cards Icon

Action Cards

Checklists to help your team take the right decisions

Contacts Directory Icon

Contacts Directory

GDPR compliant contact directory that syncs with your HR database

Audit Icon

Fully Audited

All comms logged for post-crisis analysis and learning

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Mass Alerting

Sentinel crisis response software lets you:

  • Send emergency mass notification alerts to groups or individuals.
  • Messages sent via, SMS, email, programmable voice, in-app or chat channels in less than 60 seconds.
  • Create template messages to ensure alerts are approved by senior leadership.
  • Custom alert sounds are used for urgent messages, so they're not confused with every-day notifications.
  • Two-way crisis communication checks everyone is safe.
  • Recipients can respond to yes/no questions ('Have you left the building?') and the answers are displayed in real-time on the Sentinel incident management dashboard.

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Sentinel Mass Alerting Functionality
Secure Instant Teleconferencing

Secure Instant Teleconferencing

  • Set up an instant conference call with your crisis response team using a secure invitation-only conference call.
  • No PINs or dial-in numbers.
  • Your chosen contacts are sent an invitation and dialled in as soon as you start the call.
  • The call can be recorded and downloaded, along with an attendee list, for auditing purposes.

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  • Create voice message updates for all your audiences.
  • Make the most up to date information immediately available during an incident.

Here's how Hotline works

  • Type your message into the dashboard and the keystrokes are converted into a seamless voice message.
  • Your update instantly becomes available to everyone you need to reach as soon as they call your individual Hotline number.
  • Using the latest AI powered technology, Hotline allows text-to-speech conversion in up to 22 different languages, saving time in recording and updating messages in foreign language versions.
  • Hotline has voicemail that's integrated with a sophisticated message management system.
  • It has a notes section where admin can record who messages were passed to and what action was taken.
  • Hotline can be operated and updated remotely.
  • Hotline can handle thousands of calls, so staff and switchboards are never overloaded.

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Secure Hotline
Sentinel Instant Chat Channels

Chat Channels

  • YUDU developed Chat Channels to give people a fast, intuitive way to work as a team for rapid crisis response.
  • Communicate with instant messages and collaborate by sharing files, photos and documents.
  • Chat channels are secure and GDPR compliant.
  • Corporate control over who administrates group chats, who is present who joins and who leaves a group.
  • Full corporate oversight of all messages and files shared.
  • Staff are automatically removed from groups when they are removed from your HR database.

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Document Centre

  • Share business continuity plans and other vital crisis management documents with your team.
  • Documents can be accessed on any device even when offline.
  • You choose which documents to share with which groups, meaning everyone has the materials they need.
  • Advanced document annotation allows you to extract relevant pages, highlight sections and make notes before sharing with staff.

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Sentinel Document Centre
Secure Action Cards

Action Cards

  • In a crisis staff can forget training and protocols.
  • Bespoke scenario-based checklists help your team take the right decisions.
  • These cards are created in consultation with you, so that advice is specific to your organisation and premises.

Counter Terrorism Action Cards

  • We work with former senior police officer Chris Phillips to create counter terrorism advice.
  • Simply tap the scenario, such as 'Active shooter' or 'Suspicious package' to reveal the correct steps to take.

Mental Health Action Cards

  • Clinical psychologists at KRTS are trauma counselling experts.
  • They have developed an online course to help people recover from trauma.
  • The course, which contains video content, can be included in Sentinel's Document Centre.
  • It's there should your people experience a terror attack, workplace violence or bereavement.
  • The content is accessed anonymously through the app and can help friends, family and colleagues learn how to support those experiencing trauma.

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Contacts Directory

  • A GDPR-compliant, ring-fenced directory for all your organisation’s contacts.
  • Have all your team contact details in one place.
  • The directory syncs with your HR database.
  • Internal and external contacts can be grouped in whatever form works best for your organisation.
  • The Contacts Directory is quick to set up and easy to keep up to date.
  • Staff are prompted to verify their profile, check their contact details are correct, and have the option to make their profile private from others in the directory.

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Sentinel Contacts Directory
Sentinel Auditing and Compliance

Fully Audited & GDPR Compliant

When Sentinel is in use, every action and communication is saved in real time for post-incident analysis and learning.

The problem

  • Once an emergency is over there needs to be a post-crisis review.
  • An action plan must be drafted with plans and protocols updated.
  • During any incident it's important to log incoming information and to note when actions and decisions are taken and by whom.
  • In the heat of a crisis this information is sometimes never recorded or becomes misplaced.

The solution

  • Every detail of Sentinel usage is recorded, and a downloadable audit log available.
  • It is impossible to delete messages or other shared content.
  • Making it a superb resource for those tasked with implementing the post crisis report.

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Client Logos
Client Logos
Client Logos
Chris Phillips

“The one thing that always goes awry during a crisis is communication with your staff and customers. Imagine having a system that not only allows you to tell them what needs to happen, but also allows them to reply. A system that puts all your business continuity plans at your fingertips. Well, I think you’ve found it.”

- Chris Phillips, GCGI, FSyl, Former Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

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