Crisis Simulation - Hacking and Data Breaches

Experience a simulated crisis scenario where an airline discovers their systems have been breached and customer data stolen by hackers unknown. Join the response team as they navigate how best to resolve the evolving crisis.

Expert panelists: Amar Singh, Jim Preen, and Richard Stephenson

Webinar Overview

In this crisis simulation, join the response team of a leading airline as they discover a significant data breach. Hackers have inserted malicious code into their booking system, and it now appears have harvested the data of some 3 million customers.

You'll follow our expert panelists through initial crisis response efforts, and react to new issues as the situation evolves. During the webinar, you'll learn invaluable skills in crisis management and crisis response.

We'll cover:

  • How to react upon discovering of a data breach
  • Priorities in the wake of a cyber attack
  • When and if you need to contact an industry regulator
  • Crisis communications to customers and the press
  • Handling a ransom request from hackers and whether to pay
  • How to respond in the wake of a crisis

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Host Profiles

Jim Preen - YUDU Sentinel

Jim Preen

Jim is Crisis Management Director at YUDU Sentinel where he designs and delivers crisis simulation exercises. Formerly a journalist, he worked for ABC News (US) covering stories including the Gulf War, the Bosnian conflict and the Concorde crash. He won two Emmys for his work.

Amar Singh - Cyber Management Alliance Limited

Amar Singh

Amar is a C-level Executive and Global Chief Information Security Officer. He is the creator of the UK Government's NCSC-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response (CIPR) and a trusted adviser to police forces, banks, insurance companies, the NHS and telecom firms.

Richard Stephenson - YUDU Sentinel

Richard Stephenson

Richard is CEO of tech company YUDU. He has run public listed companies, mid-market private equity investments and tech start-ups. His professional skills include digital strategy, crisis management, risk and digital document publishing.

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