White Papers

YUDU regularly perform in-house analysis and research, mostly focusing on where educational, consumer and corporate publishing intersect with app technology and mobile devices. To read some of our white papers, simply click below.

Crisis Comms & Social Media in 2017

Find out how the world of social media is changing crisis communication and reputation management strategy within businesses and organizations. 

How mobile devices are re-shaping e-commerce: White Paper

This white paper takes a closer look at how e-commerce has been affected by the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It examines the future of the emerging concept of "m-commerce" and explores some ways in which retailers can exploit it.

Mobile Strategies for Corporate Training

A must-read for any training provider, training manager or HR director. This handbook takes an in-depth look at the corporate training market, the various kinds of training and LMS technologies on offer, with emphasis on the huge impact mobile devices and apps are having in this sector.

2016: Emergency Communication Systems

Emergency Communication Systems: Key events and drivers of growth over the past 15 years explores how the previous decade and a half of terror and emergency events have shaped the Emergency Communication System, with particular attention paid to how mobile devices are shaping it in future. 

Securing Print Business in a Time of Transition: White Paper

Securing Print Business in a Time of Transition discusses how printers can use digital products as a complementary revenue stream, whilst also analyzing the increasing confidence of the print itself as it increasingly leverages its strengths in the digital age.

2016: The Future of Brick & Mortar

This white paper examines how, in an age of declining retail footfall traffic and with structural problems like high staff turnover, product knowledge and customer service training can help make physical retailers more profitable. We also look at some potentially innovative delivery methods for this training content.

Corporate Communications in the Mobile Age

Corporate communications methods are changing rapidly. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) schemes and managed device schemes are reshaping the look of offices. How does this relate to mobile devices and how can you leverage it to improve employee engagement?