YUDU in a nutshell

YUDU enables content to be enhanced and distributed to tablets, desktops and smartphones. We have been helping publishers and companies deliver their digital content for over 10 years.

Key facts:

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By using YUDU Publisher, you can take full control of distributing content directly to your client base, helping you to build on client relationships and measure readership.

Regardless of where you are based, we can help you deliver digital content. Our production team are repeatedly praised by clients for their exceptional customer service. If you need to contact our sales teams, you can find YUDU teams in London and New York and supporting partners all over the globe.

What’s new at YUDU?

It’s important to keep evolving in the digital space. In 2013 we upgraded our publishing platform, YUDU Publisher, turning it around to give our clients an even more intuitive, feature-rich experience.

Need information on how YUDU Publisher works? You can find this out via a series of videos and easy-to-read tutorials, click here.

2014 has seen the launch of our new browser-delivery solutions, which allows our clients to work with both HTML/Flash-based publishing alongside publishing to an app, allowing them to access the best of platform-agnostic publishing without having to sacrifice performance or functionality.

Alternatively, if you want to publish a lot of apps in a short space of time, AppFactory is our new product for partners.

AppFactory allows you to automatically create iOS and Android apps for your clients. It replaces the need for expensive app developers by providing you with an automated way of creating publishing apps for your clients on the fly.

Over the years, we have worked on a number of creative briefs for our clients, from creating app designs to re-designing pages within a publication, and we’ve built up an impressive profile covering everything from PDF optimization to bespoke HTML5 assets.

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