So what is it we do, anyway?

A brief explanation

Fundamentally, YUDU provide content delivery solutions that allow publishers, organizations, educators and others with an award-winning content-delivery platform that allows them to publish everything from magazines, documentation, textbooks, video libraries and more to mobile apps and web browsers. 

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Transforming mobile reading

YUDU technology makes reading documents, textbooks, magazines and other types of written material easy and straightforward. Whether it is through our app reader or HTML5 PageTiler browser technology, pinch and zoom, vector graphics and a responsive HTML view for certain kinds of text transforms your written content into something as easily digestible as possible. 


Building bridges with audiences

The people you are communicating your content to, be they your readership base if you're a magazine publisher, your employees if you're a corporate communications specialist or anyone else with content to disseminate to an audience, are the most important group. They need to feel engaged with whatever it is you're publishing with a solution that keeps in mind the fact the average person now spends more time on mobile devices than desktop ones, and that's the problem our apps aim to solve.

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A unique, modular approach

YUDU's architecture is built around a series of modular building blocks corresponding to particular features and pieces of functionality. The advantage of this approach is that, unlike many bespoke app developers, the code for much of the functionality our clients are looking for already exists in the form of bolt-on modules making development of your app significantly quicker and cheaper.

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Our background

YUDU was founded in 2003 as Digital Alternatives, specializing in digital publishing. We were one of the first digital publishing software specialists to launch a publishing app soon after the iPad was released and while we retain that part of our heritage, we have branched into a variety of markets, including training, corporate communication, emergency communication and more. The one unifying factor behind all of these specializations is that they're all about helping companies, organizations and publishers communicate more effectively.

About Yudu 6

And supporting all platforms

YUDU's technology is built to support all platforms. Our apps sit natively on iOS, Android and Windows devices and our browser-reader solution, PageTiler, works across all major browsers. 

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