Document Center App

Provide employees or customers with a single, app-based destination for all of your managed documents, from product sheets to sales materials.


Document Center Breakdown


  • Upload all of your documents to a single container app through YUDU Publisher.
  • Organize your documents into categories and sub-categories for an intuitive user experience. 
  • Enhance these documents with overlay content such as interactivity, video, audio and more. 
  • Manage access to these documents through YUDU Publisher's permission management system, giving certain types of users certain levels of access. If necessary, gate access to the app entirely. 
  • Switch between standard view and PhoneView. PhoneView renders the content in responsive HTML/CSS, allowing for an excellent reading experience regardless of screen size. 
  • Provide multi-platform access, publishing to Android, iOS and Windows apps with the same workflow. Allowing users to access whatever is stored within the document center from whatever device they may be using. 

Potential applications

  • Provide your sales team with a mobile-optimized repository for all sales support material.
  • Give customers the ability to access any instruction manual or guide for any product you produce or sell, all from a single application.
  • Provide clients with an easier, more user-friendly way to access data-sheets and other information about your products.  

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