Financial reports on smartphone

The smartphone is now the dominant digital device for consuming content. Are your financial reports in a smartphone-friendly format?


With the smartphone now the dominant device in the new digital ecosphere, new challenges are emerging as to how organizations deliver documents and other readable content to users that not only works across all devices, but delivers a digestible solution for users on their phones. 

YUDU's PhoneView solution allows you to elegantly create a digitally published version of your quarterly and annual financial reports that responds to the type of device being used to access it. 

Key benefits

  • Save on print and postage 
  • Unlimited distribution - one link to desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Easy to read on smartphones - no more pinch zooming
  • 56% of email opens are on smartphones - start catering to this new paradigm today.

On larger devices, like tablets and desktop computers, it displays as a digital replica of the print publication, preserving the look and feel of the document while offering enhancements such as note-taking, highlighting and rich-media embedding. 


On smartphones however, the document displays as responsive HTML/CSS, negating the need for annoying pinching and zooming - allowing the reader full control over font size to create a reflowable, Kindle-like experience while also offering the option to seamlessly switch back to standard document view if they so wish. 


PhoneView is particularly useful for financial reports since it allows your stakeholders, shareholders and other parties engaged with your financial literature to tap on tables, graphics and other imagery embedded within them while in PhoneView format and enlarge them, ensuring that no part of the original print publication is degraded in quality when transferring to smaller screen size formats. 

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